What Happens During Your Remote Healing Sessions?

What Happens During Your
Remote Healing Sessions?

It’s All in Accord with Modern Physics

It’s natural to wonder if there’s anything really happening when someone says they are remotely sending you energy.

But as you likely know from having already received a private session or a group activation during one of my interviews with Darius, remote healing is 100% real. It’s totally compatible with the quantum mechanics view of the universe.

In particular, the principle known as non-locality tells us that miracles can happen at a distance. In fact, they can happen faster than the speed of light. This is modern physics.

Clearing Your Emotional and Mental Bodies

Every day in conjunction with my team of higher vibrational spiritual helpers we clear negativity for every person who has signed up, as well as everyone in their home.

Every day, at around 8am PDT, I begin with your emotional body, cleansing it of anger, sadness and regret. This does not mean that you will be free of anger and sadness forever or even for the entire day. It means that at that moment you are clear, but you also have free will.

You have free will to choose to think whatever it is you would like to think. Many people think thoughts that are not necessarily positive. You have that right, but to try to put you on the right track I also clear out your mental body.

Those negative thoughts which may have arisen from hardship and/or trauma are often hard to shake. But without going into every specific possible negative thought you might be thinking, all negative thoughts are flushed out of you and replaced with positive empowering ones that give you the freedom to think your own thoughts, absent any external influences.

Casting Out Demons, AI, Nanobots and Programming

Speaking of external influences, one of the most important things that gets cleansed from you are non-physical entities. The Catholic Church calls these entities demons and requires a full-blown exorcism to remove them. Thankfully I can do this in minutes from all my practice and experience.

Keep in mind, a very famous person was known for casting out demons. He also told us to pay attention to what he was teaching and “you would do all these things and more.” That person, of course, was Jesus.

So with the help of my team, we clear all non-physical entities including AI, nanobots, and programming, whether physical or non-physical, both in and out of time, to give you the freedom to determine your own life without being affected by external entities.

Now this should be enough to encourage you to sign up for the remote healing program, but there’s more…

Support from the Ascended Masters

If you listened to my latest interviews, you know I am now working directly with ascended masters Buddha, Mary Magdalene, Lao Tzu, Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, Saint Germain, Lakshmi and Jesus.

For June, I will ask Buddha to infuse his divine wisdom and energy into you, to help anchor you into the REAL unchanging nature of reality. Based on the group’s needs, I may ask other Masters to also contribute.

So that’s what happens every day during our monthly remote healing sessions – for you and everyone in your home.

Those of you who are “targeted” know what a blessing it is to be able to be cleared on a daily basis and not have to fight off demonic influences.

Those of you who just want to ascend to higher consciousness can go about your normal everyday business knowing any potential negative effects are being removed and the longest you would ever have to tolerate such negativity is 24 hours, that is, until the next day’s clearing.

The Remote Healing will automatically include
all people living in your home as well as your pets!

Benefits: You will receive the amazing and deep clearings that Edwin has become known for, covering physical and subtle body levels as well as timeline and geographic location issues, providing an incredibly thorough system clearing and energy boost, every day in the rhythm of this expanded monthly program, covering 30 consecutive days!

*Bonus: Extra Day included in all Months with 31 days!

The healing transmissions are conducted each day at approximately 7am PST / 9am CST / 10am EST / 4pm BST / 1am AEDT for 30 consecutive days. Just carry on with your normal activities and you’ll receive the full benefits!

Years of Prayers For Healing Are Being Answered Almost Immediately Now!

“Hi Ed, just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my progress since joining the August and September full month Remote Healing Programs! I have been enjoying such lightness, joy, confidence and being even more grounded these past 2 months.  I’m brighter, happier, and have better focus as well. I’m feeling a LOT less stressed and relying much less on caffeine and sweets to comfort myself.  I’m not stress-eating, have much more physical energy and I am losing weight I’ve been trying to lose for 8 YEARS!!

People are responding to me in positive ways, and I have more and better relationships with my coworkers.

Prayers for help with Earthly matters and my healing are being answered almost immediately. I’m now working my way through processing a marriage and divorce that I didn’t process 30 years ago, when it originally occurred. It’s difficult, but I’m glad to be working myself free of it!

Many hugs and so much gratitude to you for your amazing abilities and assistance!”
-Dawn Buffalo Heart


Daughter Feeling Improvements Begs Me To Continue With Your Remote Work!

“I am signed up again, Ed! My daughter, Sadie, who is 13, has been improving and felt so different this last month during your Remote Energy Work with us that she practically begged me to keep it up — she even offered her own spending money towards it! I’m not sure how she would have negotiated returning to school post-lockdown without your energetic support (she suffers high anxiety, which we are working on).

Thanks for your amazing work and so many blessings to you!”
Tracey McPhee

Bonus Meditation/MP3

This month’s bonus meditation will also feature Buddha, to help you Practice Presence and anchor you into the REAL unchanging nature of reality.

Just click the link below and you’ll be taken to a place where you can download your bonus MP3. You will automatically be enrolled for the upcoming 30 Days of Remote Healing starting the first of next month. (You’ll be included in the current month if you order within the first 5 days of the month.) There is nothing else you need to do!

Because the program has been so successful, in addition to the bonus MP3, we kept the introductory offer intact, so you’ll still save $120.

There’s nothing else you have to do – the discount will automatically be applied – just click this link:

30 Days of Remote Healing plus Bonus MP3 – $247 $127)

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Save Time – Subscribe Monthly

If you would like to avoid having to sign up every month and automatically be billed monthly, then choose one of the buttons below. You’ll be emailed a receipt and confirmation that you sent an automatic payment to Higher Dimensions Publishing, Inc. On the 1st of every month, you’ll receive the “Bonus MP3 of the month.” You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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Heaviness and Sadness are Gone!

“Thank you so much for last month’s remote healing! I just wanted to let you know that all the feelings of heaviness and sadness are gone and also the feeling of upcoming doom is no longer present. I’ve been feeling much lighter since then and it seems as if the dramas of the outside world can no longer affect me. I also have more energy.

I have just signed up for next month’s healing. Thanks again for your great work and all the best,”
-Steffi Selles (from Germany)


Beyond Grateful For Your Daily Remote Healing Sessions – Sign Us Up Again!

“Words cannot express my gratitude for your remote healing sessions last month. It was a gift from me to my husband and fur-baby. Incredible energetic shifts have happened in our home and to each one of us. I know that my fur-baby can really feel the energy because he looks so blissful during the energy transmissions. This work has helped him continue healing from an illness (we rescued him at 9 weeks old, he is a special one).

We are planning to move next year, yet my husband has been so afraid of the change and worried about the finances, etc. Now, he has become less fearful, happier and excited about the move and our future. For me, a beautiful, safe space is opening up for me to step into the truth of who I am and my role here as a star-seed. That said, I do understand the month of October will be interesting on many fronts and have signed up again for your energetic transmissions as support for my husband and fur-baby – creating the safe space for all of us to continue shining brightly!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Edwin! With so much love and gratitude,”
-Patti Wolf


Sold House within 9 Hours for Record Price!

“I have to say being part of this 30 days for the first time has been so miraculous and uplifting!  In the midst of a separation from my husband, preparing the house for selling, and moving, I could feel (and those who came to the house) that there was a very calm feeling present. I had so much energy and felt so good to work even in the late hours. Plus, we just sold our house within 9 hours at a record price for our location!”
-Janice R.


Unbelievably Effective!

This is unbelievably effective and protective. We are having quite a better experience with the energies than usual… much better than many of our friends who are not receiving this daily clearing.”
–Ada Tourtsakis