Total Love Immersion

Total Love Immersion

Please read this short letter to see if you could use a little more love in your life (and in your very being):

Love is a Gift You Can Give to Yourself…

Dear Friend,

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just dial in a meditation and be automatically immersed in blissful, loving energies?

Well, thanks to my mentors, you can – right now!

Total Love Immersion is designed to infuse your entire being with love, especially higher vibrational frequencies of love.

This is not some theoretical concept.

Thanks to the teachers I’ve had, you’ll be able to feel the love and bliss, as it envelopes your entire being. The energy is quite palpable.

If you’ve already picked up a copy of Energy Center Clearing, then you already know what I mean. The same higher vibrational energies on Energy Center Clearing are on Total Love Immersion. The same energies which prompted comments like those below and to the right:

The Feeling of Peace and Love is Enormous

“Oh my God! It is so amazing the way I am feeling now. I cannot explain it, the feeling of peace and love is enormous. May God and all the beautiful energies radiate upon you in every minute that you are in this realm with us!

The next morning at the office, I was ‘glowing’ and I still have this sensation of love and peace. I can’t wait to go home and clean my centers again.”

Marlene Serrano
Brooklyn, NY

Truly Does Make a Difference

“I am incredibly impressed with the CD. When I take the time to do it, I feel so connected and blissed out. It truly does make a difference that you can feel. So, thank you.”

Rebecca Whitecotton
Award-winning author of Child of Mine, Know This
Burke, VA

Share Your Love

When you meditate with Total Love Immersion, you’ll have an abundance of love infusing your very being.

This means:

  • If you’re in a relationship you can share your love with your partner.
  • If you’re not in a relationship but would like to be, you can use it attract someone who wants what you’ve got!
  • If you’ve just ended a relationship, then your ex-partner’s love and affection are conspicuously absent. You’ll be able to replenish your “love reserves” to ease your potential heartache and, in time, to attract someone who shares your loving ideals.

More importantly, you’ll be radiating love to the entire universe from your innermost being helping to transform it and usher in “heaven on earth.”

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Here’s What You Get …

total-love-immersionTotal Love Immersion is a 12-minute meditation using my voice and music from classically-trained, intuitive composer Reina Sang that:

  • Helps you release lower vibrational, discordant energies,
  • Infuses you with absolute, unconditional, infinite, divine love,
  • Lets you bask in this unlimited, pure love, and
  • Guides you to attune completely with this pure love.

When you come back, you will have enjoyed a blissful, revitalizing meditation that will infuse you with the highest love we can conceive. You’ll be ready for anything the universe may send your way.

Accessed a New Level of
Emotional Intimacy – Effortlessly!

“One of the other major, major things for me is that it really helped me with my relationship. There’s a level of emotional intimacy and connectedness that I really wanted to achieve and access, but I just couldn’t seem to get there. And all of a sudden, after we did the clearing, it just sort of appeared – effortlessly. To me that’s a really amazing gift. I’m very, very grateful for it.”

Kirrily Keayes
Marina Del Rey, CA

Don’t Feel Angry
Relationships Have Become More Smooth

“I have been using it daily for the last three months. Even my wife has been listening and we both have had
many benefits.

We have become calm, composed and have been able to reach a stage where we don’t feel angry.

Positive things have begun to happen. Interaction and relationships have become more smooth. Happiness seems to be pouring in, thanks to you, Sir.”

Ramesh Puri
Delhi, India

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Get Total Love Immersion,
Right Now, and
I’ll reward your prompt decision with
two more bonuses valued at $39 …

Free Bonus 1: Right now, you’ll get the Love and Relationships Audiobook and Transcript, which includes insights on attracting a relationship, overcoming the inevitable conflicts that arise, coping with heartbreak, recognizing what both men and women really want in a relationship and potentially, one of the most pleasurable aspects of a relationship: sacred sex. Get this 30-minute audiobook and transcript for free when you order now! ($12 value)

Free Bonus 2: You’ll also get the Escaping the Matrix Audiobook and Transcript, to help you: Relieve Stress, Overcome Fear, Eliminate Anger, Dis-Identify from Your Emotions, Take Back Your Power, Connect with your Inner Master, Be Yourself and Escape the Matrix. Get this 50-minute audiobook and transcript for free when you order now! ($27 value)

Adding a little Love to Your Life is Easy …

Wouldn’t you like a little more love in your life? Wouldn’t you like to be infused with absolute, unconditional, infinite, divine love? For only $19.95, you can – right now!

You will get all the benefits of an awesome meditation, plus some extra higher vibrational loving energy that my teachers made possible. You will feel totally at peace.

Best wishes for a love-filled life,
Edwin Harkness Spina

P.S. I’ve been blessed with teachers who have made it possible for me to transmit higher vibrational, loving energy on demand. I’d like to share my gift with you. Just click here and get Total Love Immersion right now! For only $19.95, you can’t go wrong!

Infused with Powerful Energy …
I saw my Divine Self

“After extensive research and studies for the last twenty years in the Spiritual field as well as Alternative Medicine, I would like to state that your CD is really the ONE who made the difference to all previous I have experienced up to the present. I am truly grateful for being so lucky. Your work is really a Masterpiece among the World!

I am so thrilled with the outcome that I spread it to all my conducts and acquaintances in order to support you at this specific time and spread the Light to as many as possible.

The CD is infused with such powerful energy which really took me to other dimensions and there I finally managed to see my Divine Self!

Thank you so much for your wonderful work. I am honored to know you.

May God Bless you always,”

Panayiota Lordou

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