Higher Self Integration

ATTENTION: Cultivating a relationship with your Higher Self is quite literally the most important and beneficial undertaking you can ever embark upon. There is NOTHING more important than this. In one sense, it is your SOLE/SOUL mission on earth.

How Higher Self Integration
Can Transform Years of Spiritual Struggle
into a Blissful, Higher State of  Consciousness
in Just 25 Short, Mind-Altering Minutes

Read on if you want access to the types of intuitions, inspirations, synchronicities and balanced, joyful living that accompanies higher states of consciousness and…

Discover how you can not only get access to your own source of untapped energy and wisdom, but integrate your Higher Self into your everyday life.

Behold the Benefits of Higher Self Integration

The benefits of connecting and integrating your Higher Self are literally priceless. You will:

  • Radiate a balanced, centered state of peacefulness that cannot be shaken by external events. Instead of being affected by the outside world, you will positively impact everyone around you.
  • Access wisdom and energy beyond your conscious understanding.
  • Manifest things more readily, both because you will be acting in concert with your Higher Self to create experiences for your highest good and will have access to a level of power that dwarfs your conscious mind.
  • Experience synchronicities much more frequently. Since the beginning of time, your Higher Self has been orchestrating events for your spiritual growth. When you’re connected with your Higher Self, you will naturally be thinking along the lines of your Higher Self and watch as your thoughts materialize before your eyes.
  • Enjoy a greater sense of humor, as you will not take the “ego-based” world so seriously.
  • Eliminate the mental chatter that prompts you to feel restless, inhibits your ability to concentrate and, most importantly, hinders your ability to enjoy the present moment.
  • Never feel lonely again, as you will always have your Higher Self as a “companion” and consequent access to unconditional love.

The first step in your Higher Self Integration is to clear out your energy centers and energy bodies, so that, in essence, “there’s room” for the Higher Self to enter. This requires a Personal Energy Center Clearing, which is a short 15 minute energetic exercise conducted via phone…

Here’s What You Get with a
Personal Energy Center Clearing

Opening and clearing of blockages in
your 12 energy centers

These are the channels through which your Higher Self/I AM presence communicates with your mind and body. If they are not open, your ability to hear the “small still voice within” will be severely impacted. I open these right away, so that energy can enter your being immediately.

Chakras Are Wide Open; I Have More Energy Than I Ever Had

“Thanks for the session yesterday. Now all of my energy centers are functioning at full capacity, my chakras are wide open, I feel much younger, and I have more energy than I have ever had.”
-Dharmananda, Boulder Creek, CA

Activation of your pineal and pituitary glands

These two glands account for 75% of your psychic ability. They work together to connect you with your Higher Self and the higher worlds. They need to be clear and active in order to receive and transmit messages on the higher planes.

Psychic Abilities Skyrocketed

“I’m able to see more, I’m able to feel more and to know more. The more you clear out, the more your vibration goes up. In a few weeks, I felt more clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.
-David Tourin, Bio-Energetic Healer & Reiki Master
Pembroke Pines, FL

Flushing of energetic debris and discordant energies from your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies

Your emotional and mental bodies are filled with the types of emotions you’ve been feeling and thoughts you’ve been thinking. Any thoughts and emotions of a similar vibration will also be attracted to you, as well as those you subject yourself to through your daily activities. Much of the time, these emotions and thoughts are not even your own! They are predisposing you to feelings and thoughts that your friends, family, coworkers, the media, advertisers and other institutions are looking to instill in you, which may not be in your own best interest.

Clearing them gives you a “blank slate” upon which you can form your own thoughts and feeling without outside interference. After you are clear, you will want to be more selective about the types of energies you allow into your being. With continued clearings, you become less influenced by external energies; in contrast, your energy will affect the outside world more than it affects you.

Expansion of your aura

This is a natural consequence of being filled with higher vibrational energy, which is used to clear out your fields. In general, a typical 18 inch aura will expand to 4 feet.

My Aura Has Expanded Past Those Homes Across the Street

“It feels like my aura has expanded to somewhere past those homes across the street from us.

Everything looks like swirling patterns of energy. Even this table. It’s not solid.

I was experiencing the ‘unity,’ the oneness of everything. The energy session with Ed boosted my awareness of this very noticeably.”
R. Parrish, Medford, OR

Removal of negative, non-physical entities

The majority of clients who come to me for clearing have entities of one sort or another. Sometimes, clients are aware of them and, oftentimes, they are not. These entities can predispose you to harmful behaviors, such as binge eating, drinking to excess, erratic mood swings and other fearful reactions to preprogrammed activations. Some spiritual traditions refer to getting rid of these “demonic possessions” as an exorcism. I eliminate these entities quickly and efficiently and ensure they will never come back to torment you again.

Terrorized Eight-Year Old Restored to Happy Youngster

“I was concerned about my eight year old grandson who was being terrorized by something going on at night in his room. Ed removed some things from the boy’s energy field and then went on to say that there were indeed some entities visiting the boy. Ed told the visitors that ‘all contracts were now broken and nullified’ and the boy was ‘off limits.’

Less than a week has gone by and this child is a changed person – previously he was markedly reserved, rather quiet, and usually of few words – now he beams a continual smile, is quite talkative, very relaxed and open.

Thanks, Ed for helping with my grandson and for offering proof that the days when darkness held sway are ebbing away with a new Dawning of Light!”
Dave Masty, Chesterton, IN

Removal of etheric implants

Everyone living on earth is subjected to etheric implants, which are meant to monitor and influence your behavior. The psychic surgery procedure I employ extracts these controls without any trauma to your physical and non-physical bodies, so there is instantaneous relief without any need for downtime or recuperation.

Removal of mental trash

As a majestic spiritual being, you naturally resist the constant attempts to program your behavior by the media and society in general. Both intuitively and intellectually, you know “something’s not right” with how our society is set up and that creates dissonance. This trash impairs your mental clarity. I remove the mental trash that you’ve accumulated since birth quickly and efficiently.

Nothing Bothers Me Anymore!

“Nothing bothers me anymore. The world is in turmoil, but I’m at peace!”
-Jane Corse, Newtown Square, PA

Removal of your pain body

Your pain body, made popular by Eckhart Tolle, contains the emotions that brought you pain earlier in your life. Various thoughts or situations can trigger your pain body, reminding you of these prior, painful experiences, which prompt you to re-experience them – “Oh no, not that again!” I remove your pain body at the same time as your mental trash, so you are released from RE-acting and are free to act as you best see fit, based on positive emotions such as love and joy, as well as reason, logic and free will.

Clinically Depressed to Blissful

“I was diagnosed as clinically depressed when I was still a teenager. I made some progress – however, I’ve never been really happy.

When I came across your site, I thought that this was yet another one of those fake offers – someone promising heaven and delivering nothing. Anyway, I was desperate enough.

I bought the 2 MP3s (Energy Center Clearing and Release Limiting Beliefs) and forced myself to listen to them. During the limiting belief audio, I started crying.

But once the audios were over, I was changed. My anger was gone. Completely gone. As if it’s never been there.

I was feeling light and free. And since then I’ve been so happy – almost like being in love – blissful. I’m telling myself silly jokes when I’m on my own and laugh out loud (which I could not do before unless on anti-depressants).

I’m singing to myself. I’m dreaming big and for the first time in my life I can imagine a relationship with someone I respect and I really like. I can imagine being worthy of love, success, happiness.

It’s amazing. I am so unbelievably grateful to you – I can hardly express it.

I hope that your work will help many more people find peace and joy.

Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me!”

Maria U., Dublin, Ireland

Energetic infusion of higher vibrational energy
(aka shaktipat)

Thanks to my mentors, and through my own Higher Self, I have access to massive amounts of higher vibrational energy, which I can precisely transmit into you, your energy centers and energy bodies. This energy is actually comprised of higher octaves of love. What distinguishes my work from many other energy workers is the larger amount and higher frequency that I have access to. When channeled properly this energy can produce results like Reggie’s…

Broke a Concrete Slab – By Accident!

“The other day I was teaching my students how to focus their inner chi to create a dynamic force so that you can break a 2.5 inch thick concrete slab. As I was demonstrating this to my students, I accidentally broke the concrete slab!

Now the amazing thing was that I was not trying to break it at all – I just touched it! My student looked at me with awe and said, ‘Sifu, you broke that like it was nothing… and it looked like you didn’t even touch it.’

I just want to say that Energy Center Clearing opened up my energy channels to another level. It is to a point now that my energy is so strong that I do not have to do much. As a Kung Fu martial artist my skills have quadrupled!
Reggie Zephyrin
JadeKing Coaching and Kung Fu Training
New York, NY

Amassing Spiritual Power

Getting rid of non-physical entities is not all fun and games; it requires spiritual power. I infuse you with this spiritual power, which is why your aura expands, and which leaves you feeling light, free and energized. Your energy will slowly come down over the next few days after a clearing session. Your being is not used to being filled with such energy and needs to get acclimated to it. Using your Energy Center Clearing mp3 or CD will enable you to maintain and build up your energy/vibration over time, so that you’ll come to embody these higher energies. This higher state of consciousness will become your normal baseline state.

I have an exceptionally high rate of success, that is, clients rarely regress back to the state where they encountered problems. This is not to say that none of these will ever return – no one can promise that. Less than 2% of purchasers of Energy Center Clearing have taken me up on my 180-day, no questions asked guarantee.

When you are done with a personal clearing, you will be clearer than you’ve been at any time since birth. You will be clear of outside influences and will experience newfound freedom. A series of clearings is even more powerful, as you will build upon previous sessions to gain spiritual power and increase your vibration. This will make it easier to integrate your Higher Self.

Higher Self Integration –
Building Upon the Effectiveness
of Your Personal Clearing

A Personal Energy Center Clearing is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Higher Self Integration takes it to the next level. It reaches beyond your current lifetime to include purging past life traumas.

What prompted this methodology was having a client spontaneously connect with her Higher Self. It was at the end of a clearing, where I take us both to a “higher place.”

I saw a luminous field hovering over her and asked her if she sensed it. Her being clairvoyant was helpful, as she easily saw and felt the energy. I asked her if she recognized it, or if she knew what it was. She paused for a few seconds before answering, “Self.”

I realized it was her Higher Self and asked if she would like to invite it in. Her Higher Self entered and purged huge amounts of debris, which I collected and disposed of. I felt the joy of her reuniting with her Higher Self. It’s been with her ever since.

Cyndi Doesn’t Even Exist…

“Now that my Higher Self is with me, I notice that I’m much more peaceful. Nothing bothers me! Lots of times when I’m talking I realize it’s not even me – it’s my Higher Self. I can tell because she talks slower and more calmly. And people can’t lie to her. It’s like truth serum…

What I realize is that there’s no need for me anymore – it’s just my Higher Self and the world. Cyndi doesn’t even exist!
-Cyndi Smith, Pittsburgh, PA

Seeing how beneficial it was to her, I sought to do this with my other clients and began inviting their Higher Selves into them (after asking their permission). The results have been beyond incredible. Clients who were already highly energized were able to go to even higher levels of consciousness and tap into sources of wisdom that were previously unavailable. Their lives have improved in every facet.

If you are reading this, then you are likely familiar with your Higher Self. You may have received impressions, insights and intuitions that you recognize come from your Higher Self. With practice, you may have a running dialog with your Higher Self – one where you can ask questions and receive practical answers…

Access to Knowledge Far Beyond My Personal Understanding

The Higher Self Integration process has had a profound, ongoing liberating effect on me. My Higher Self is now in regular communication with my physical Self, available to answer and help with any questions for myself and others. In some moments we are one Beingness of complete harmony, in other moments there is the personal me, that still struggles, yet feels the Higher Self always with her.

Loneliness doesn’t exist anymore, I am my own best company with increasingly more Self love. My Higher Self seems very wise, with the ability to tap into knowledge far beyond my personal understanding. She is very intuitive and unconditionally loving. In regards to  my purpose in helping others heal and guide them, my Higher Self has made my abilities far more effective, some people say I do magic.

I am super grateful to Ed. His willingness to not only clean us out from negative energy but then bring in our Divine Self is a profound, effective and beautiful service he does for humanity.”

Monika Summerfield, LMFT
Licensed Psychotherapist
Huntington Beach, CA

Purging Fears, Traumas and Pains from
Your Current and Past Lives and Your DNA

Before embarking on a Higher Self Integration, I clear you, as described above.

I will then take your energy higher and higher, until you are “in range” of your Higher Self. I then ask your Higher Self to come in and purge all fears, traumas, pains, etc. from your being – anything that is not for your highest and best good. These energies are from your current, past (and potentially future) lives. Some are inherited, embedded in your DNA.

Whether you are aware of these or not, these traumas are affecting you in this lifetime. You are attracting situations automatically that may seem to have nothing to do with your current interests or understanding of spirituality and metaphysics. But the energy from your past lives and cellular memories embedded in your DNA are still looking to get resolved. They are acting on the most basic energetic level of your being.

As you resolve current life karma and energy disturbances and as you “move up the spiritual food chain” these subtle influences become more evident in your life and are in need of cleansing.

You might be tempted to do this on your own, and it’s possible you might be successful. But I think one of the main reasons my clients’ Higher Selves are willing to purge all this unnecessary baggage, is that your Higher Self knows I’m there to clear up the mess. If I left you in the morass of your own negative energy, you’d likely be overwhelmed. That’s why this technique is so fast and efficient. Your Higher Self knows it can trust me to dispose of the junk, so it willingly purges more than you’d be able to clean up on your own.

(Note that I will not be recounting your past lives, unless there is an overarching theme that is so prevalent, it smacks me over the head and shouts to me. It’s not important what caused the issue – after all, it was your past life – all that matters is that it’s gone. And I can get rid of it.)

Here’s what you get with Your
Higher Self Integration

One (1) or Three (3) Personal Higher Self Integration Sessions (each 25 minutes) in which you will receive:

  • Opening and clearing of blockages in your 12 energy
  • Activation of your pineal and pituitary glands,
  • Flushing of energetic debris and discordant energies from
    your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies,
  • Expansion of your aura,
  • Removal of non-physical entities,
  • Removal of etheric implants,
  • Removal of mental trash,
  • Removal of your pain body, and
  • Energetic infusion of higher vibrational, loving energy.

In addition, with your Higher Self Integration, you will:

  • Purge fears, traumas and pains from your current and past lives, as well as from your DNA,
  • Raise your vibration and elevate your being to a higher level of consciousness,
  • Discard energies that are not of the highest and best good for you,
  • Eliminate all energetic debris that is flushed from your being, and
  • Facilitate your Higher Self merging completely with your body, mind and spirit.

The benefits of these personal sessions are cumulative. If you order more than one, it’s best to schedule each session every two to four weeks. You will immediately notice a sense of feeling light, free and energized. The full effects and the speed at which you integrate your Higher Self will vary from person to person, but typically, you will have experiences similar to others mentioned below and to the right…

I Don’t Get Sad; I Know I’m Being Guided to the Right Path

“After my second session, I noticed that I don’t get sad anymore. Things just roll off my back. There’s no more brain fog or self doubt. I’m calmer and can think much more clearly. After the third session, I got a knowingness – that goes beyond just confidence – that I am am being guided to the right path.
Mary Archer, Palm Beach, FL

Order Higher Self Integration today, and
I’ll reward your prompt decision with
four more bonuses valued at over $99
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Free Bonus 1: Energy Center Clearing. Relieve stress, calm your mind, connect with your innermost self and experience “Peace Profound”! This is my flagship meditation to keep you clear and your energy high. The effects are cumulative – regular use will increase the amount of energy available to you and elevate you to a higher vibration. It will open your energy centers so you can better hear the “small, still voice within” ($39.95 value).

Free Bonus 2: Short Version of Energy Center Clearing. This is a 15-minute shortened version of the full 27-minute meditation, with the same life-affirming energy, that you can more easily fit into your schedule ($19.95 value).

Free Bonus 3: Exercise to Release Limiting Beliefs. This short meditation guides you to create a private sanctum on a higher plane where you will be able to release limiting beliefs and attune with your Higher Self/God/Inner Master ($19.95 value).

Free Bonus 4: Total Love Immersion. This is a 12-minute energizing meditation that fills you with absolute, unconditional, infinite divine love to prepare you for anything the universe may send your way ($19.95 value).

Like Living in a Beautiful Bubble of Energy

“I’ve always been a sensitive person, painfully sensitive. I don’t just see the hurts and struggles that humans and animals go through, I ache for them.

What is happening with this Higher Self Integration work is amazing. Nothing has changed outwardly – there is still crime, sickness, suffering all around me, but I am able to observe these things, send love and compassion to those involved, and remain at peace, not reeling from one emotional blow to the next.

I feel as if I am living in a shimmery, beautiful bubble of energy that allows me to see everything and interact as appropriate but not be affected by the desperation, anger, pain, and depression.

It’s like being in the eye of the hurricane. The storm continues to rage all around me and yet I sit in this little, quiet, peaceful place, aware of all, yet not pummeled and buffeted by the storms of life.

Thank you Ed for this. I am so grateful.”
Yvonne Darrow, Boise, ID

Experience the Bliss of
Living Your Life while
Integrated with Your Higher Self

To get started, just click on the link below to lock in one or three Personal Higher Self Integration Sessions. Your order will be processed by the 100% secure PayPal system. Once you’re registered, you’ll be instructed on how to schedule your sessions and download the Full Version of Energy Center Clearing, the Short Version of Energy Center Clearing, The Exercise to Release Limiting Beliefs, and Total Love Immersion (valued at over $99) right now!

One Higher Self Integration Session (25 minutes – $197)

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Series of Three Higher Self Integration Sessions (75 minutes total – $497)

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Best wishes for a spiritually awakened life,
Edwin Harkness Spina

P.S. I’ve been blessed with teachers who have made it possible for me to transmit higher vibrational, loving energy on demand. I’d like to share my gift with you. Just click here and lock in your Personal Higher Self Integration Session right now! You can’t place a value on connecting to your higher self. Get started today – before the price goes up!

A Conversation with Genevieve’s Higher Self

How does one put such an indescribable experience into words? I asked my Higher Self if she could help me. She said: ‘Open a Word document.’ Let’s see what she has to say.

Following Ed’s suggestions, G had a first imaginary conversation with me. She was thinking: ‘Let’s fake it until we make it!’
She started our ‘imaginary’ exchange with simple questions, such as: ‘Are you here? Can you hear me?’ Then she asked, ‘Am I getting closer to my goal of merging with you?’  The words came to her effortlessly, ‘Yes you are, closer than you think. You have a lot of help. There is a timing for everything and you are on time.’ That was the beginning of one of the many conversations we plan to have together.
She asked me more personal questions about what is going on in her life. When she reviewed her notes later, she realized that the words she had written did not originate from her logical, rational mind. She had no doubt that her hand had been guided by a benevolent, loving, non judgmental source with a broader perspective. She had previously experimented with automatic writing with unconvincing results. This was a breakthrough that is a tribute to Ed’s efficient energy clearing work.
When G requested a sign, I held her in a warm, soft, cozy blanket that she can visualize whenever she wants to feel my loving presence. I guided her hand to make sure she remembers: ‘There are no boundaries, no limits, no walls that can separate us. I am you!’
Thank you, Ed, for bringing magic to your fellow travelers’ lives.
May you be blessed a thousand times!”

Genevieve M
Paris, France

One Higher Self Integration Session (25 minutes – $197)

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Series of Three Higher Self Integration Sessions (75 minutes total – $497)

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