30-Day Remote Healing

30 Days Of Remote Healing

30 Minutes Per Day For 30 Consecutive Days

After launching his 21-Days of Remote Energy Work on You Wealth Revolution last season, Edwin began to see remarkable changes within all who signed up for this new offering. Old programs, patterns and habits were unwound and transmuted as higher levels of wisdom and positive choices were accessed to assist all participants in manifesting greater health, peace, ease and well-being. Edwin tapped his many years of mystical training and understanding of the rhythm of repetition over time in developing this special and sacred form of Remote Energy Work.

In today’s ascending world, we no longer have the time to sequester ourselves in extended periods of spiritual pilgrimage, fasting and meditation, removing ourselves from all outer world stimuli in order to go deep within to establish a direct and strong connection to our Higher Self and Divine Source. Throughout this powerful Year Of Revelation, we have been called to practice being in the world, but not of it as we connect to our Inner Divinity and literally “wake up” to a deeper level of Spiritual Mastery — all while still showing up for the many responsibilities in our daily lives.

Access Your Own Greatest Gifts

One of the primary end goals woven into our Planetary Ascension Process is for humanity to access our greatest gifts, talents, abilities, wisdom, compassion and creativity and to then fully embody the Highest Version of our True Selves on the New Earth. As a perfectly crafted next step in Edwin’s spiritual acceleration and healing work with clients, he has now honed his skills to include profound results, while working remotely with groups of people all over the world. The beauty of Remote Energy Work is that everyone can receive it, once they give permission, sign up and register themselves and any others, who would like to participate in this process as well.

Everyone can receive and benefit from this program, without having to alter your earthly routine. Obstacles are removed and supportive energies are provided to help you on your path toward greater health, peace, ease and well-being.

The Remote Healing will automatically include
all people living in your home as well as your pets!

Benefits: You will receive the amazing and deep clearings that Edwin has become known for, covering physical and subtle body levels as well as timeline and geographic location issues, providing an incredibly thorough system clearing and energy boost, every day in the rhythm of this expanded monthly program, covering 30 consecutive days!

*Bonus: Extra Day included in all Months with 31 days!

For those committed to raising their vibrational frequency and accessing their most optimum Ascension Timeline, participating in this Sacred Group Energy over a full month will greatly support you on your Spiritual Path as we move onward and upward!

Years of Prayers For Healing Are Being Answered Almost Immediately Now!

“Hi Ed, just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my progress since joining the August and September full month Remote Healing Programs! I have been enjoying such lightness, joy, confidence and being even more grounded these past 2 months.  I’m brighter, happier, and have better focus as well. I’m feeling a LOT less stressed and relying much less on caffeine and sweets to comfort myself.  I’m not stress-eating, have much more physical energy and I am losing weight I’ve been trying to lose for 8 YEARS!!

People are responding to me in positive ways, and I have more and better relationships with my coworkers.

Prayers for help with Earthly matters and my healing are being answered almost immediately. I’m now working my way through processing a marriage and divorce that I didn’t process 30 years ago, when it originally occurred. It’s difficult, but I’m glad to be working myself free of it!

Many hugs and so much gratitude to you for your amazing abilities and assistance!”

Dawn Buffalo Heart


Daughter Feeling Improvements Begs Me To Continue With Your Remote Work!

“I am signed up again, Ed! My daughter, Sadie, who is 13, has been improving and felt so different this last month during your Remote Energy Work with us that she practically begged me to keep it up — she even offered her own spending money towards it! I’m not sure how she would have negotiated returning to school post-lockdown without your energetic support (she suffers high anxiety, which we are working on).

Thanks for your amazing work and so many blessings to you!”

 Tracey McPhee

Bonus Meditation/MP3

For January you’ll receive Manifesting Heaven on Earth to inspire you in between your daily clearings. In this beautiful visualizing meditation, you will be guided to expand your view of what’s possible for our planet – hints of new technologies on the horizon and other possibilities are shared to help you create a perfect life, filled with good health, harmonious relationships, abundance and much more.

Just click the link below and you’ll be taken to a place where you can download your bonus MP3. You will automatically be enrolled for the upcoming 30 Days of Remote Healing starting the first of next month. (You’ll be included in the current month if you order within the first 5 days of the month.) There is nothing else you need to do!

Because the program has been so successful, in addition to the bonus MP3, we kept the introductory offer intact, so you’ll still save $120.

There’s nothing else you have to do – the discount will automatically be applied – just click this link:

30 Days of Remote Healing plus Bonus MP3 – $247 $127)

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Beyond Grateful For Your Daily Remote Healing Sessions – Sign Us Up Again!

“Words cannot express my gratitude for your remote healing sessions during September. It was a gift from me to my husband and fur-baby. Incredible energetic shifts have happened in our home and to each one of us. I know that my fur-baby can really feel the energy because he looks so blissful during the energy transmissions. This work has helped him continue healing from an illness (we rescued him at 9 weeks old, he is a special one).

We are planning to move next year, yet my husband has been so afraid of the change and worried about the finances, etc. Now, he has become less fearful, happier and excited about the move and our future. For me, a beautiful, safe space is opening up for me to step into the truth of who I am and my role here as a star-seed. That said, I do understand the month of October will be interesting on many fronts and have signed up again for your energetic transmissions as support for my husband and fur-baby – creating the safe space for all of us to continue shining brightly!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Edwin! With so much love and gratitude,”

Patti Wolf