Full Spectrum Transformation

Full Spectrum Transformation

Value: $679
7 MP3s
Runtime: 38 Minutes

This ALL-NEW powerful series provides an accelerated method of energy work that is being made available by Edwin for the very first time. And the 7 MP3s in this package are perfectly crafted to lead you on a cosmic stair-step up into higher energy frequencies and an ever-increasing full system release, purification and upgrade.

Within a relatively short amount of time, years and lifetimes worth of blockages, densities and stagnancies are identified and transmuted, creating more room for your Highest Self to come in and fully connect to your body.

From the Pineal Gland Activation to a full-system Rainbow Rejuvenation, lower vibrational energies are flushed away as you also learn an amazing technique to Cleanse your Blood & Lymph systems. Next, you will be guided through a core-level Emotional Body and Mental Body Cleanse, before you complete with a timeline journey to Reclaim Your Childhood Innocence and experience advanced Soul Fragment Retrieval.

The end result will expedite positive vibrational shifts and ever-increasing conscious awareness as you continue on your path to Ascension Mastery.

1 – Pineal Gland Activation —
Connecting to Your Higher Self

Your pineal gland is the gateway to your Higher Self.

This gland is so important in our spiritual development that many mystics refer to it as the “seat of the soul”.

Also, 75% of your psychic ability comes from the interaction of your pineal and pituitary glands located in the center of your brain.

So, it makes sense that when your pineal gland is decalcified and clear, your intuition will skyrocket.

This powerful activation is extremely thorough and includes a clearing of any contamination from your Higher Self as well as a full clearing and higher vibrational energy infusion into key organs and glands, removing all non-desired entities and portals. As your pineal gland continues to clear, you will begin to access wisdom and energy beyond your conscious mind, manifest things more easily and experience positive synchronicities with much greater frequency.

2 – Rainbow Rejuvenation

Your body is the temple of your soul. This beautiful exercise will assist to boost your body’s vitality and optimize it for your use as the majestic spiritual being that is You!

After you ground yourself, you will be guided to call up Rainbow Energy from the center of the earth to completely envelope your body.

This sacred energy works on all levels of your being and is available to anyone, who calls upon it.

All of your cells will be bathed in this powerful healing and rejuvenating energy as well as your etheric, astral, mental, emotional and spiritual body levels, while you fill up with the frequencies of love, health and vitality. This pure rainbow energy will be run through your primary body systems and used to activate the healthiest, strongest and most vital version of your energy presence here on earth. Overall, this rainbow energy will assist to reprogram your being to be in greater alignment with your ultimate soul mission of bringing heaven to earth.

3 – Blood & Lymph Cleanse

Your blood cells and lymph glands are two of the most important vitality and filtering systems in your body. This targeted activation will help cleanse these systems of lower vibrational frequencies, including toxins, parasites and impurities. You will be guided to work through an advanced method of clearing and filtration by operating on the etheric plane.

Your intention and visualization are what makes this possible as you create four specific energy-filters, two for each system, which will trap toxins, densities and blockages that may be harmful to your health.

These lower vibrational energies will then be energetically filtered out of your body and replaced by etherically purified blood and lymph fluid. Over time, this energetic process can greatly enhance your vitality.

4 – Clear Your Emotional Body

With every inbreath you will bring in the loving energy of the universe and with every outbreath you will release any negativity you may have picked up from living in the outer world. Then you begin to release layer after layer of often long-held and more toxic emotions as specific body points, organs and systems are massaged and encouraged to let go of low-vibrational and stuck emotions, which no longer serve your most optimum health and well-being.

Core levels of the strongest emotional blockages are accessed and transmuted in this powerful process as anger and regret are targeted and cleared.

Forgiveness of all others and yourself is also addressed as this makes room for more joy, self-love and higher vibrational energy to come in to replenish, wherever you were once stuck. And finally, clearing the emotional body gives you the opportunity to choose a new path, free from the influence of past negative emotions.

5 – Clear Your Mental Body

You are comprised of numerous aspects of increasingly higher vibration, including your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as each body interacts with and affects the others. In general, your higher vibrational bodies have greater effect on your lower body levels. This is why, after your emotional body is cleared of debilitating emotions like sadness, anger and regret, it is critical to clear your mental body as well.

The mental body function of thinking negative thoughts is so powerful in force, that if you continue on that path, you will eventually bring back former negative emotions that had already been cleared.

For anyone and perhaps, especially for those who have experienced more intense levels of fear, terror, shock, trauma, abuse and abandonment, it becomes easier to believe that the world is a negative place and a strong victim mentality can take shape. During this powerful process, these very same debilitating beliefs will be called up and flushed out of your mental body to be replaced with empowering truths. As any remaining doubt is cleared, the actual wisdom frequencies of these empowering beliefs will be instilled into your mental body, supporting you to create in positive new ways.

6 – Reclaim Your Childhood Innocence

Many people have suffered some form of shock, trauma or abuse as a child — physical, sexual, emotional and mental.

Not knowing how to address this abuse, a child will bury the anger, sadness, fear and betrayal, so as not to have to deal with it ever again. And as a “child”, you seldom have the judgement to recognize that “it’s just not your fault”.

Yet by tapping into an advanced level of energy alchemy, these negative buried emotions can be purged from your being, allowing you to reclaim the pure awe and innocence of your childhood.

And most of us have heard the following passage: “You must be like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven”. In other words, you have to strip yourself of all ego illusions, false realities and fake personas to recapture the pure innocence of yourself as a child and then ascend to higher levels of consciousness. In this incredibly deep energy clearing, all toxic emotions, entities, implants and portals are taken away as your child self, adult self and Higher Self are reunited, bringing forward that you are all aspects of the same being — complete, whole and fully integrated. And the natural essence of childlike wonder, awe and innocence is now back within the very fiber of your being!

7 – Soul Fragment Retrieval

We are currently traversing the 3D, 4D and 5D world here on earth, where 3D time is linear, 4D time is even more malleable and 5D time allows for the simultaneous experience of multiple timelines. Now that you have cleared your physical body, emotional body and mental body, connected with your Higher Self and reclaimed the innocence and awe of your childhood, it is time to do the same for your other lifetimes.

This sacred process of soul fragment retrieval has been enhanced to incorporate your past lives, future lives and higher and lower density versions of you, bringing them together, perhaps for the very first time.

Each of your energy bodies from these other lifetimes will be systematically cleansed, including of traumas, unwanted emotions, negative thoughts, entities, contracts and all discordant energies. All of your lifetimes will then be swept clean of dissonant energy and any contamination of your Higher Self will be removed from all of your incarnations and timelines. Finally, you will be reminded that all these aspects of you are part of the same being — complete, whole and fully integrated.

Full Spectrum Transformation – 10 MP3s – $970 $127

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BONUS 1: Transmuting Fear into Love
Value: $97
Runtime: 8 Minutes

In direct response to the powerful global events and earth changes that we continue to navigate during our Planetary Ascension Process, Edwin has tapped his own unique form of Mystic Alchemy in this advanced energy work now being released for the very first time.

While the outer world looks like it may be crumbling with news of another health pandemic or economic crisis, Edwin assures us that All is Well as we must traverse some turbulence, before we can truly enter a new Golden Age!

These latest pivotal developments are calling for an even more conscious focus on creating the type of world you want to live in, while ignoring all the fear and stress that surrounds you.

Over time, fear and anxiety can take charge of your mind and eventually control your life. Transcending fear is critical to accessing the higher wisdom of spiritual attainment and in turn, achieving enlightenment. In other words, once you are no longer triggered or controlled by fear, you are finally free.

As a perfect healing addition to his Ascension Mastery Series, follow along as Edwin guides you through this sacred process of transformation. He will assist you in shifting out of all that lowers and destroys into all that uplifts and heals as you learn how to become your own Ascension Master in Transmuting Fear into Love. Dreams

BONUS 2: The Nature of Reality, Oneness
and Awakening
Value: $97
Runtime: 47 Minutes

During this time of accelerated planetary ascension, follow along as Edwin expertly describes the many stages of our sacred evolutionary process.

Humanity is now graduating to a higher level of awareness and is being prepared to see the truth on all levels.

Many things are not as they appear and it is highly beneficial to have a clear understanding of the foundational aspects of life on earth.

Throughout this fascinating discussion, Edwin explores the nature of reality, the idea of Oneness from the mystic perspective and how it’s interpreted by various religions, our multi-layered universe, “graduating” to a higher plane of existence as per the Ra perspective, ETs, and the inadvertent benefit of having evil people in our 3D world.

BONUS 3: Your Journey From 3D to 5D –
Timeline Shifts, Perception Changes
and the Mandela Effect
Value: $97
Runtime: 19 Minutes

Join Edwin for this master class on all things ascension-related with emphasis on the many changes we are currently experiencing in our perception and measurement of time here on Earth.

From actual timeline shifts and re-directs to things being both incredibly sped up and/or slowed down to remembered events and experiences being swiped, altered or completely erased, our transition from a 3D to a 5D world is calling for us to stop resisting change and step into our higher creative levels of awareness.

Just as the captain of a ship maps out a safe course to follow, we must learn to navigate the profound ripples in time now manifesting as we begin to travel between dimensions in our quest to ascend to a higher way of being. Edwin’s amazing personal stories make even the most complex principles of time and space, which are discussed, easy for everyone to grasp and understand.

Enjoy the ride!

Full Spectrum Transformation – 10 MP3s – $970 $127

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Beyond Anything I’ve Experienced Before

“The profound sense of peace that has come over me, and my muscles, skin, my whole body, in fact, is beyond anything I have ever experienced before.”

Shen Kahn
London, England

My Left Knee Pain has Vanished into Thin Air

“I watch your energy video every day to pump up my energy. My left knee pain (which I normally get during winter) has vanished into thin air.”

Sina Khateeb
Oak Forest, IL

Don’t Feel Angry – Relationships Have Become More Smooth

“I have been using it daily for the last three months. Even my wife has been listening and we both have had many benefits.

We have become calm, composed and have been able to reach a stage where we don’t feel angry. Positive things have begun to happen. Interaction and relationships have become more smooth. Happiness seems to be pouring in, thanks to you, Sir.”

Ramesh Puri
Delhi, India

Amazed at How Powerful It Was

“The very first time I was so amazed at how powerful it was. And when the second part came on I had my first visit from God! I have experienced it several times since then while meditating. Thank you! I love it!”

Linayah Kei
Spiritual Teacher & Coach

Clinically Depressed to Blissful

“I was diagnosed as clinically depressed when I was still a teenager. I made some progress – however, I’ve never been really happy.

When I came across your site, I thought that this was yet another one of those fake offers – someone promising heaven and delivering nothing. Anyway, I was desperate enough.

I bought the 2 MP3s (Energy Center Clearing and Release Limiting Beliefs) and forced myself to listen to them. During the limiting belief audio, I started crying.

But once the audios were over, I was changed. My anger was gone. Completely gone. As if it’s never been there.

I was feeling light and free. And since then I’ve been so happy – almost like being in love – blissful. I’m telling myself silly jokes when I’m on my own and laugh out loud (which I could not do before unless on anti-depressants).

I’m singing to myself. I’m dreaming big and for the first time in my life I can imagine a relationship with someone I respect and I really like. I can imagine being worthy of love, success, happiness.

It’s amazing. I am so unbelievably grateful to you – I can hardly express it.

I hope that your work will help many more people find peace and joy.

Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me!”

Maria U.
Dublin, Ireland

I saw my Divine Self!

“After extensive research and studies for the last twenty years in the Spiritual field as well as Alternative Medicine, I would like to state that your CD is really the ONE who made the difference to all previous I have experienced up to the present. I am truly grateful for being so lucky. Your work is really a Masterpiece among the World!

The CD is infused with such powerful energy which really took me to other dimensions and there I finally managed to see my Divine Self!”

Panayiota Lordou

Best and Easiest Program I have Ever Tried

“The best and easiest program that I have ever tried and which made a difference is Energy Centre Clearing.

Before using Energy Centre Clearing I was scattered, anxious and overly sensitive to the opinions and ideas of others. After I do Energy Centre Clearing I feel more centered, calmer and confident in myself.

I look forward to using it everyday.”

Cindy Parkinson
Vancouver Island, Canada