Embody the Wisdom of the Ascended Masters

Embody the Wisdom of
The Ascended Masters

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Runtime: 72 Minutes

Sacred Teachings and Ancient Wisdom have been imparted to humanity over the past few centuries, by the courageous, loving and Divinely-aligned Ascended Ones, who agreed to come into physical embodiment at key times during our spiritual evolution, here on Earth.

These Masters were known for their pure, high-vibrational light, love, compassion and at times, miraculous healing abilities, seemingly defying what we once thought was physically possible.

Coming into this pivotal year of 2022, Edwin was guided to assess our current Ascension Cycle and tune into what would be the most healing, empowering and impactful New Series of energy activations for immediate use by the You Wealth community. The answer was beyond even what he could have foreseen.

With soul-level permission recently granted to work more directly with the Ascended Masters and a Divine new bandwidth of cosmic energies, Edwin, along with his Team of multi-dimensional specialists, have encoded a whole new audio series with the Wisdom of the Masters, followed by a 5D alignment with the Frequency of Miracles.

Join Edwin as he guides you through the teachings of the Ascended Masters and activates the Essence of their Divine Wisdom within your consciousness, while also opening the cosmic doorway to access a new Miracle Frequency from the Higher Realms — truly a perfectly timed gift to all of us continuing on our Ascension Path!

1 – Preparation for Working
with the Ascended Masters

A new form of Higher Light Energy is now becoming available for all of us to work with for the very first time, known to some mystics and spiritual seers as The Frequency of Miracles. This magical bandwidth of higher vibrational energy is a gift from the Heavenly Realms, coming in to teach us more powerful ways to create and manifest and also, to assist us in better preparing for the New 5D Earth.

In order to best work with these Miracle Frequencies, we will need to ground, clear our energy and then learn from the Ascended Masters how to tune into and embody their wisdom, grace and pure Divine Essence.

This powerful audio session perfectly prepares you for your upcoming activations with the Ascended Master Essences and all-new Miracle Frequency, through the removal of non-physical entities and an incredibly thorough energy clearing of your Emotional and Mental Bodies. Old, negative, and stuck energy will be cleared and transmuted, paving the way for you to receive the higher frequency transmissions to follow. Ultimately, a new level of joy, bliss and peace will be activated in preparation for you to fully Embody the Wisdom of the Ascended Masters and Align with the Frequency of Miracles.

2 – Buddha – The Essence of Awakening,
Morality and Divine Insight

A well-known historical figure, born in Nepal, during the sixth century BC, Buddha chose to leave his aristocratic family and their extravagant way of life in pursuit of the highest level of spiritual attainment that he could achieve in his lifetime. After many challenging years of study and practice, he chose a path of moderation and meditation, ultimately leading to his full awakening as a spiritual master.

With many schools of Buddhism formed since his passing, it is the powerful and pure essence of his teachings that he recommended for humanity to embody.

His noble Eightfold Path is beautifully encoded into this teaching and activation audio, followed by an alignment to The Frequency of Miracles in 5D, where you are bathed in the pure Essence of Buddha.

3 – Mary Magdalene – The Essence of
Divine Power and Wisdom

Best known as being one of the women, who traveled with Jesus and helped to support his ministry, Mary Magdalene is an Ascended Master, who first witnessed Jesus’s resurrection and then, communicated that profound news to the apostles. She became known as the “apostle to the apostles” and even a Saint, while often recognized as the only one, who truly understood the real teachings of Jesus.

Mary grew to embody the higher aspects of the Divine Feminine, wielding both incredible power and might, while also radiating pure love and grace.

Often represented by the symbol of the rose, indicating the full blooming of her spiritual power, the Essence of the Magdalene, including the sacred balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within ourselves and on Earth, are perfectly infused into this empowering audio, followed by an alignment to The Frequency of Miracles in 5D, where you are immersed in the powerful Essence of Mary Magdalene.

4 – Lao Tzu – The Essence of  Wisdom, Joy
and the Lightness of Being

Best known as the author of The Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu brought forth many significant teachings, weaving them through eighty-one poems within his beautiful philosophy on how to attain higher levels of spiritual awareness in your life. Covering principles from non-contention and non-action to simplicity, wisdom and humility, the famous Yin & Yang symbol, representing the balanced existence of opposites, is the representation of his philosophy, Taoism.

Also reminding us of the cyclical nature of all things, Lao Tzu is a Master of Wisdom and Lightness of Being. He teaches us that life is not all about work and that your life should be filled with Joy.

With Lao Tzu’s Divine assistance, these Sacred Essences have been encoded into this audio experience, followed by an alignment to The Frequency of Miracles in 5D, where you are infused with the brilliant Essence of Lao Tzu.

5 – Archangel Michael – The Essence of
Courage, Strength and Truth

Often depicted as holding the mighty Sword of Truth and surrounded by brilliant shades of sapphire blue, Archangel Michael is revered as a heavenly protector and Warrior of the Light.

Known as a “powerful ministering angel,” Michael is charged with banishing fear from all spiritual seekers, who are committed to their ascension path and is a Master of cord cutting — freeing us from attachments, people and situations that no longer serve our Highest Good.

Even in the most challenging of circumstances, Archangel Michael encourages us to call upon him for Divine assistance and the highest levels of protection. With both fearlessness and enthusiasm, Michael has infused his innate qualities of Courage, Strength, and Truth into this powerful audio healing. You are then guided up into a 5D Realm, where you are aligned with The Frequency of Miracles and fully immersed in the profound Essence of Michael.

6 – Quan Yin – The Essence of
Compassion, Love and Mercy

Quan Yin is a beautiful Bodhisattva and Ascended Master, known as the Goddess of Compassion, Love and Mercy. Her name literally means “One Who Sees & Hears the Cry of the Human World” or, “she who hears prayers.” Once she became an enlightened being, Quan Yin was offered an opportunity to become a Buddha and enter Nirvana but chose to postpone her eternal bliss until all of humanity was enlightened.

Devoted to ending suffering, Quan Yin represents feminine grace, power and beauty and has dedicated herself to consoling and healing anyone who calls upon her.

Also known as the protector of women and children, she teaches harmlessness as in “to do no harm” to others, ourselves, or Mother Earth. With the Divine assistance of Master Quan Yin, the pure Essence of Compassion, Love and Mercy have been infused into this stunning audio activation, followed by an upshift into a 5D Realm, where you are aligned with The Frequency of Miracles and bathed in the beautiful Essence of Quan Yin.

7 – Saint Germain – The Essence of
Transmutation and Divine Alchemy

Count Saint Germain was a brilliant European adventurer, who counseled world leaders in the 1700s and had a keen interest in science, alchemy, music, and the arts. Many spiritual scholars consider him to be the reincarnation of Sir Frances Bacon and the true author of the complete works of Shakespeare.

As an Ascended Master, Saint Germain is known as the Holder of the 7th Ray or violet flame — the ray of alchemy, change, magic, and transmutation.

The violet flame is a gift from Saint Germain that you can use to transmute all forms of negativity, blockages, and lower vibrations, opening you up to receive Divine blessings. With the assistance of this alchemical master himself, the wisdom of his teachings and powerful support to Embrace Your Destiny have been encoded into this healing audio, followed by a guided journey into a 5D Realm, where you are aligned with The Frequency of Miracles and infused with the mystical Essence of Saint Germain.

8 – Lakshmi – The Essence of
Abundance and Good Fortune

Representing beauty, purity, generosity and true happiness, Lakshmi is the Goddess of Abundance and Good Fortune in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain traditions.

She works with humanity not only regarding material abundance, but also emotional and spiritual fulfillment.

Lakshmi can guide us to find a career that is prosperous and satisfying, and, more importantly, she always reminds us that the true source of wealth is heart-based work and spiritual fulfillment.

In Hinduism, there are four primary goals of human life, which Lakshmi personifies, thus, she is often shown as having four hands, which she uses to assist us in attaining all of the vital ingredients for a fulfilling life. With Lakshmi’s help, this powerful audio session has been infused with the Essence of her teachings on Abundance and Good Fortune. Once you have fully received this Lakshmi activation, you are ready to access the amazing Frequency of Miracles in the 5D Realm and bathe in the brilliant Essence Of Lakshmi.

9 – Jesus – The Essence of
Christ Consciousness & Unconditional Love

Growing up in an Essene community, Master Jesus became adept in his knowledge of their mystical laws, sacred teachings, and esoteric healing techniques, from an early age. He also traveled to the East and studied with the mystic masters of the Magi, Sufis, and Hindu/Vedic traditions, mastering all of their techniques and more.

Once called on his mission to educate and uplift humanity, Jesus knew that he would have to simplify these complex teachings in order to reach and inspire people from all walks of life.

Many stories describe his life of miracles and healing, yet the popularity of Jesus and his ability to awaken common people, became a growing threat to the ruling social order of his time, resulting in his arrest and crucifixion. Jesus reminds us that we are all Divine beings of Light and to be brave and always hold unconditional love in our hearts. The Ascended Master Jesus has infused his Essence energies of Christ Consciousness and Unconditional Love into this amazing audio activation, which is followed by a magical 5D journey to align with The Frequency of Miracles and further immersion into the powerful Essence of Jesus.

10 – Transmuting Dark into Light 4.0

During this extremely heightened time of planetary change, Edwin has scanned the many layers of other-dimensional interference and challenges that people, animals, geographic locations, and Mother Earth are currently experiencing and included additional and advanced-level frequency extraction and transmutation work in this Updated Version of his most powerful Energy Clearing MP3 to-date.

Within this beautiful and timely meditation, you will be guided through deep clearings of your mental and emotional bodies as well as your Higher Self.

Impurities, false light, corruption, contamination, blockages, artificial intelligence, nanobots, curses, evil magicians and negative entities will be powerfully removed and cleared, while you are re-connected to the ultimate truth of who you are as a sovereign Creator Being.

Please Note: This updated version of Edwin’s “Transmuting Dark Into Light” MP3 now covers clearing other-dimensional interference on the highest levels, including the most sophisticated forms of AI and alien implants, 5G, negative technology, spirit attachments and the works! Other than doing a private session with him, this 4.0 Version MP3 is the next best thing and will provide immediate and powerful relief from the most challenging aspects of the unseen world.

Embody the Wisdom of the Ascended Masters –
13 MP3s (including bonuses) – $1261 $127

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BONUS 1: Journey to the Higher Realms
Value: $97
Runtime: 9 Minutes

Within this beautiful and profound meditation, you will travel through the many levels of your existence to the highest aspects of your True Self. Transcending the manifest world, you are guided on a mystical journey beyond time and space to connect with your I Am Presence and even higher realms. In the manner of an advanced spiritual initiate, tapping the alchemical tools of sacred breath, energy release, forgiveness, and Divine guidance, you will be led to merge into the unmanifest Oneness of All That Is.

On your journey, you will clear your mental, emotional, physical and spirit bodies, filling them with the higher octaves of Divine Unconditional Love.

After your Higher Self is purified of any blockages or contamination, you will ascend to your I Am Presence and experience yourself as a single point of awareness in the Oneness. Proceeding further, you replenish yourself with pure consciousness, prior to returning to your body, where you will be ready to share your Divine energy with the world!

BONUS 2: Sacred Life Purpose
Value: $97
Runtime: 7 Minutes

We are each single points of awareness in the Oneness. Your spiritual mission is to tap into the highest aspects of your being and bring down love and wisdom to earth, to then share with the world. So, how you do this is your own unique way of blessing this planet. And discovering your soul purpose is one of life’s biggest challenges and joys, which for many, can become the adventure of a lifetime.

Allowing your Higher Self to be your guide will greatly assist you in fully embodying your Sacred Life Purpose. After all of your subtle bodies are cleared, you will be assisted in establishing a strong and direct connection to your higher self.

Then, empowering beliefs will be infused into your conscious awareness, further opening the passageways of communication with your Highest Wisdom. Over time, this powerful connection will help you to discover and clarify your Sacred Life Purpose, so that you may fully embody it in this lifetime.

BONUS 3: Health & Vitality Activation
Value: $97
Runtime: 7 Minutes

You are a magnificent spiritual being in-body here on earth. Your physical body is the temple of your soul and thus, deserves to be treated with love, nurturance and respect. And in order to achieve your life’s dreams and share your message with the world, maintaining a healthy and vital body is key to supporting you on this, your earth journey.

After a full system clearing, which includes removing all non-physical attachments, your body will be infused with higher vibrational energy to flush away any remaining negativity and revitalize your cells.

Specific blockages and faulty belief systems will be removed, making room for the frequencies of radiant health and vitality to anchor into every layer of your body, mind and spirit. Frequent listening to this MP3 recording can also fill you with joy in knowing that you are infused with vitality and moving towards perfect health in every moment.

Enjoy the ride!

Embody the Wisdom of the Ascended Masters –
13 MP3s (including bonuses) – $1261 $127

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