Private Sessions with Edwin Harkness Spina

A variety of Private Sessions are available for those seeking deeper insights and more personal energy work…

Higher Self Integration

All Personal Energy Center Clearings now come with Higher Self Integration. In your enhanced personal clearing you will receive:

  • Opening and clearing of blockages in your 12 energypersonal clearing
  • Activation of your pineal and pituitary glands,
  • Flushing of energetic debris and discordant energies from
    your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies,
  • Expansion of your aura,
  • Removal of curses and non-physical entities,
  • Removal of etheric implants,
  • Removal of mental trash,
  • Removal of your pain body, and
  • Energetic infusion of higher vibrational, loving energy.

In addition, with your Higher Self Integration, you will:

  • Purge fears, traumas and pains from your current and past lives, as well as from your DNA,
  • Raise your vibration and elevate your being to a higher level of consciousness,
  • Discard energies that are not of the highest and best good for you,
  • Eliminate all energetic debris that is flushed from your being, and
  • Facilitate your Higher Self merging completely with your body, mind and spirit.

You can read more about the benefits and details of the process at Higher Self Integration, or simply order below.

You’ll receive a link to schedule your session(s) with your purchase confirmation whether you choose one or a series of three. Each option comes with over $99 worth of bonuses!

One Higher Self Integration Session (25 minutes – $197)

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Series of Three Higher Self Integration Sessions (75 minutes total – $497)

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Take Back Your Power

This is a powerful exercise that enables you to take back your power from an individual to whom you have given it away. It involves forgiving the other party, giving him or her back any energy that you may be holding onto, and then requesting that he or she return the favor. This is especially effective with ex-spouses, lovers, parents, children, co-workers and/or business partners with whom you no longer wish to be energetically entangled.

This does not mean that you will never hear from the other party, but rather it will be on different terms without the energetic ties that often hinder communication. Oftentimes, the other party will intuitively sense the energetic change and contact you with a totally new viewpoint that most people find delightful.

Take Back Your Power Session (25 minutes – $197)

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Belief Pattern Restructuring

Oftentimes, subconscious beliefs will hold you back from accomplishing your goals and/or make attaining them much more difficult than need be. With Belief Pattern Restructuring, we examine your limiting beliefs (and related beliefs) and replace them with empowering beliefs. The process is not a mere intellectual exercise, but rather an energetic process that supersedes the intellect to allow these new beliefs to become a part of your true being.

Manifested the Type of Relationship I was Looking For…

“In addition to the energy clearing, a particular area I wanted to address was my desire for a divine goddess to share my life with. It had been a few years since I had a serious girlfriend and I was hoping to attract someone special.

During our call, Ed ‘tested’ a few beliefs that he thought might be holding me back. When he hit on one that made me cringe, he literally pulled it out of my being and replaced it with a positive one. He instructed me to repeat this specific affirmation 7 times a day over the next 21 days. It felt like a load had been lifted from me, but I wasn’t sure how it would manifest in the physical world.

After our session, I continued listening to Ed’s Energy Center Clearing download and repeating my affirmations over the next few weeks. Fourteen days after our session, I got a phone call from a beautiful woman I had met in a bookstore 2 YEARS EARLIER! She told me I was on her mind and that she felt we should get together. What was more amazing is that this wasn’t someone who ‘lived in my neighborhood.’ She lived in China, but felt such a strong connection that she was willing to travel across the Pacific to visit me!

She came and we had an amazing two weeks together. We are planning to get together again next month. This is the exactly the type of relationship that I was looking for and I believe that working with Ed to clear myself out, restructure my beliefs, and follow through on my affirmations made it manifest.

James Gilmore
Sacramento, CA

Belief Pattern Restructuring (55 minutes – $297)

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Unstructured Session

You are free to tailor any session to include questions about your life, career, relationships, and any other subjects of interest to you. I will offer the best advice I can to help with any issue you choose while providing higher vibrational energy to enhance the process.

Unstructured Session (55 minutes – $297)

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