Audio Interviews with Edwin Harkness Spina

Audio Interviews with
Edwin Harkness Spina

My recent interviews with Darius on Season 19 of his You Wealth Revolution Radio Show were among the most popular of the season. Some of my listeners said they were among the best ever!

Each interview included lots of good news and a group process dealing with fear – transmuting it into love and removing it from our planet.

Here are the links to all three:

Just click each link to Play or Download them. If you’re interested in the package that we discussed, visit: Full Spectrum Transformation

Here’s a talk that was featured on the Prepare for Change Radio Show on BBS – “an open-source movement designed to help create a smooth and peaceful transition during the upcoming Planetary Shift.”

Among the subjects discussed were the nature of reality, the idea of Oneness from the mystic perspective and how it’s interpreted by various religions, our multi-layered universe, “graduating” to a higher plane of existence as per the Ra perspective, ETs, and the inadvertent benefit of having evil people in our 3D world…. (57:02) Play or Download.

Here’s an interview I did with Alexandra on her Galactic Connection Radio Show on BBS – “The multidimensional hub for daily planetary updates, education & information on our transition out of the 3D matrix.”

In this fast paced interview, we talked about: the cosmic energies infusing earth, the urge toward Oneness, what it means to be spiritual, how to tell when you’re getting good information from higher sources, the nature of spiritual battles, my editor’s eye-opening experience that led him to edit Mystic Warrior despite being totally overbooked, my irreverent thoughts on the TV news, and the ever unfolding spiral of spiritual growth… (57:55) Play or Download.

Here’s the interview I did with Hillary Harris on her highly acclaimed radio show, Ascension 360: Navigating the New World Energies on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network.

We talked about spiritual evolution, ascension, energy centers, chakras, energy bodies, the aura, halos, holding your vibration, spiritual masters, intellect, intuition, the future of humanity, telepathy, remote viewing, synchronicities, the matrix, your true nature, duality, pain & suffering, and the light at the end of the tunnel… (46:37) Play or Download.

Here’s an interview I did with Astrid Stromberg for her Brilliant Essence radio show. radio show. We talked about Mystic Warrior, mystical practices, good vs. evil, telepathy, manifestation, the crown chakra, mindfulness, IONs, Energy Center Clearing, a simple way to send loving energy to others, intention, the healer’s dilemma and the secret of all healing… (1:02:40) Play or Download.

Here’s an interview I did at the Conscious Life Expo with Kimberly Murphy on her Illuminations of Light radio show.

We talked about the I AM presence, esoteric anatomy, the master within, the role of love in the life of a warrior, the Knights Templar, telepathy, the rewards of sending energy to people, meditation, visualization, and how to appeal to your ego to be less judgmental… (22:19) Play or Download.

In my interview on Michelle Johnson’s Kickstart Your Consciousness show on Blog Talk Radio, we discuss (among other things): telepathy, spiritual battles, the Illuminati, duality, esoteric anatomy, the reason “evil” exists, the nature of God, the near death experience, and politics… (59:20) Play or Download.
In my interview with Kevin Dawson on Global Talk Radio, we talked about telepathy, remote viewing, out-of-body experiences and some of the amazing breakthroughs that Mystic Warrior readers have experienced… (12:25) Play or Download.
My interview with Margaret Wendt on the Spiritual Truth Radio Show was totally unscripted. We talked about mysticism, energy centers, past life regression, psychic abilities, meditation, and other spiritual subjects… (54:14) Play or Download.
Virato is a mystic, philosopher and early pioneer in the human consciousness movement. His tagline is “Beyond Coast to Coast,” and that’s where we went when he interviewed me on Virato Live! (39:19) Play or Download.
Chyrene Pendleton is a producer who has been studying metaphysics since she was 10. On The Isle of Light we discussed meditation, visualization, telepathy, remote viewing and “hidden powerbrokers.” (57:07) Play or Download.