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ATTENTION: Whether you are an experienced meditator or one who’s
just starting, you will immediately benefit by discovering …

How to Relieve Stress,

Calm Your Mind,

Increase Your Energy and

“Escape the Matrix” …



If it sounds
too good to be true, then please read on to discover how a combination
of ancient mystic secrets and modern energy tools, from both East
and West, can help you to:


  • Connect to
    your innermost self, more deeply than you might

    have thought
    possible …

  • Experience a
    blissful state of lightness and peace – known to

    mystics as “Peace Profound” …

  • Replenish your
    energy, while balancing, centering and aligning

    yourself …

  • Achieve
    greater clarity and focus …

  • Obtain
    guidance, direction and answers from your own inner master and be
    well on your way to “Escaping the Matrix!”


Meditation is a Gift You Give to Yourself

Ed Spina, Author, Speaker, Mystic



Award-winning Author,

Speaker and Mystic

Edwin Harkness Spina

Dear Fellow

As a long-term
mystic, I’ve had the good fortune to have studied with mystic masters,
advanced souls and cutting-edge energy healers.

Long ago, I
learned that meditation is the single best way to connect with your
innermost self, which is the source of all things worthwhile, including
peace, balance, clarity and healing.

After years of
study and practice, I’ve discovered how to dramatically improve all my
meditations and better tap into my own inner master. You can
too – and without years of study and practice! I urge you to read
this entire letter, to discover how you can immediately improve your own meditations
and tap into the secrets of the universe

Meditation is one
of life’s greatest gifts, which you can give to yourself. Modern science
has documented many of the physical and psychological health benefits
that meditation provides in thousands of studies at leading universities
like Harvard, Stanford and The University of Chicago. When done
correctly, meditation:

  • Reduces stress & anxiety …

  • Induces deeper
    levels of relaxation …

  • Increases your powers of concentration …

  • Improves your
    quality of sleep …

  • Decreases muscle tension and headache …

  • Enhances your
    immune system …

  • Decreases your heart and respiratory rate …

  • Lowers your
    blood pressure

  • Helps your body recover from injury

  • Increases your
    emotional stability …

  • Enhances your creativity …

  • Increases your
    feelings of well-being …

  • Improves clarity of thought …

  • Increases your

Meditators are
calmer and happier than non-meditators. Their lives are less stressful
and more fulfilling. Regular contact with your innermost self promotes
health, inspired thoughts and profound peace

Eliminating Obstacles is the Key

The difficulty is
obtaining consistent, reproducible results, in a world full of stress
and uncertainty. Just sitting quietly for 15 minutes is not enough.
You want to connect with your innermost self to fully benefit.

critical factor in getting the benefits of deep meditation is to
eliminate the obstacles that get in the way of your own timeless,
blissful, revitalizing meditations.

For beginners,
it’s finding a technique that actually works and that enables you to
avoid distracting thoughts. For advanced meditators, you want to eliminate
the more subtle distractions that can prevent you from total bliss
Distractions you may not even be aware of, as many of the obstacles that
get in the way are not physical. Very often, dense, discordant energies
can get lodged in your energy bodies, holding you back.

Can’t Avoid Life Sapping Stress.

You Can’t Even Release it Until

You Understand its True Nature

Whenever we
experience stress, our bodies automatically react with the
characteristic “fight or flight” response, also known as an adrenaline
rush. In life threatening situations this is helpful, as adrenaline
causes our bodies to increases our pulse, blood pressure and rate of
breathing, better preparing us to do battle or to escape.

In today’s modern
society, everyday stress from traffic jams, work, or just plain living,
triggers this same reaction. We end up in a constant state of stress.
While it can manifest physically as increased lactate levels in your
blood, the underlying energies that cause stress are not physical!

dense, non-physical energies can lead to anxiety, fear or anger. Unless
you release the underlying energies, not only your meditations, but your
health and, ultimately, your life will suffer

How Discordant Energies and

Pent Up Stress Can Block You

Very often,
without even your conscious awareness, negative, low vibration energies,
such as anger, will become trapped in your energy bodies, sapping your
strength and ability to focus.

Even though you might not think of
yourself as angry, you may have suppressed your anger, rather than
released it. Your meditations become battles of trying to overcome these
annoying energies, rather than blissful events.

In some cases, you may
become so used to living with these discordant energies, you forget what
it’s like to be free, light and energized. You get used to “settling”
instead of “greatness.”

Imagine what it would be like to be free of
buried anger. How would your relationships with your spouse, children or
co-workers change when you are free of anger?


Healers are at Greater Risk …

If you’re a
healer, things can actually be worse. In many cases, your energy is
higher than most people’s and, due to your altruistic nature, you end up
attracting these dense, negative energies from others – not just your
clients and loved ones – but from the world at large.

Have you ever
walked through a crowd and wondered why you
felt a hundred pounds heavier?

To attain the full
benefits of meditation and life, you need to eliminate stress, anger,
fear and other dense, negative energies that block you from the bliss
you deserve

Why Traditional
Spiritual Energy

Practices Aren’t Always Practical

Many healers use a
variety of spiritual energy practices to heal and improve their health,
such as reiki, energy healing, chakra clearing and balancing, qigong,
pranayama (yogic breathing) and others. Besides healing specific
problems, these practices offer:

  •  an
    influx of higher vibrational energies …

  • balance and
    centering …

  • clearing of some
    negative emotions and lower vibrational energies …

  • increased
    feelings of peace and well-being that accompany such practices.

properly, these energy practices can help to eliminate dense, discordant
energies, leaving you healthier and better able to connect with your
true self.

The only drawback is the time required to get proficient
enough to clean yourself thoroughly and finding the time to put these
practices into action. An alternative is to go for regular healing
sessions from an experienced practitioner, which can become expensive.

Meditation without Boundaries

When you meditate,
one of your primary goals is to connect with your innermost self. Your
ability to connect is greatly facilitated by releasing negative, dense
. Trying to connect without clearing these out is like looking
through a windshield that’s covered with bird droppings. It’s possible,
but not easy.

When you clear out
these dense energies, you can devote your full energies to connect
and experience the bliss and profound peace that you deserve
. It’s
just like climbing a mountain after removing a pebble from your shoe.
The experience is infinitely better.

Your body is the
temple of your soul – that’s why you want it healthy and cleared of
lower density energies and blockages. Not only will your meditations be
better, your inner light will shine for all to see, and you’ll be able
to share it with the world

Your Energy Centers

is the Key

In the Eastern
schools of mysticism we talk about the seven major chakras, or energy
transformers that step down higher frequency energies into energies the
body can use.

In the Western schools, we refer to these transformers as
Energy Centers. There are 12 such centers in the Western system, each of
which is associated with a gland, organ or nerve collection. These
centers correspond with the chakra system, but, in my experience, are
more specific.

Discovering how to
clear your energy centers of low-vibration, discordant energies and
energize them to:

  • Improve your health & help heal others …

  • Experience
    profound peace …

  • Become balanced, centered and aligned with your true self …

  • Increase your
    level of energy and vibrational frequency …

  • Connect with your innermost self …

  • Clear out
    negative emotions …

  • Release stress that can sap your energy …

  • Experience
    deeper levels of relaxation …

  • Increase your happiness and sense of well-being …

  • Attain greater
    clarity and focus …

  • Increase your sense of calm …

  • Feel light,
    free and energized …

  • Open up to higher spiritual influences …

  • Experience
    greater awareness and understanding …

  • Eliminate blockages & negative energies …

  • Fill yourself
    with love that you can share with others …

  • Boost your


  • Increase your odds for enlightenment …

This means you will
benefit from

  • Better, more restful sleep …

  • Improved
    relationships …

  • Better performance …

  • The will to
    stop bad habits, such as smoking or

    eating junk food …

  • Increased wealth …

  • Improved
    health …

  • Improved interactions with your children …

  • Weight loss …

  • Increased creativity …

  • Becoming
    unstoppable …

  • Feeling empowered …

  • Enhanced
    intuition … 

  • Greater vitality …

  • Improved
    concentration … 

  • Communion with

5-Lesson E-course

5 free lessons by email with mystic techniques that
will help you:

  • Relieve Stress,

  • Overcome Fear,

  • Eliminate Anger,

  • Dis-Identify
    from Your Emotions &

  • Connect with Your True Self.


Great Value in the Lessons “I have found great value in the lessons you sent … so well put, simple, efficient and inspiring, with some definite new takeaways.” Sophie Bidard Belgrade, Serbia


Peace, Balance, Clarity and Healing Can Be Yours   “I‘m the author of Mystic Warrior and Mystic Secrets Revealed, and a contributing author, along with Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale and others, to the bestseller, 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life.       As a long-term mystic, I’ve had the good fortune to have studied with mystic masters, advanced souls and cutting-edge energy healers.

  Much of the benefit I’ve received from these masters was from the energies they transmitted, over and above their teachings. Being in their presence allowed me to increase my own capacity to send and receive energy, which I can now share with you. As you know, meditation is the single best way to connect with your innermost self, which is the source of all things worthwhile, including peace, balance, clarity and healing. Eliminating energetic obstacles, many of which you may be unaware, is the key to tapping into your innermost self and enjoying blissful, revitalizing meditations.       Helping you eliminate these unseen obstacles and infusing you with high-vibrational energies represents one of the greatest benefits I can offer you. Many of these higher dimensional energies were previously available only to devoted mystics. They are now available to you.       I guarantee, with Energy Center Clearing, you will feel light, free and energized. You will also have begun a one-way trip to your innermost self and all its consequent riches. Best wishes for your self- realization, Ed Spina, Developer of Energy Center Clearing BTW, I invite you to listen to the comments below, of some of your fellow meditators to see how they’ve benefited. You’ll find they are male and female, young and old. They come from all walks of life, and all levels of experience meditating. What they all have in common is their desire to better know themselves and improve their lives.”


Music is the Language of the Soul “I’m a classically-trained, intuitive composer, who’s performed in both large and small venues throughout the world. Lately, I’ve been composing healing music. I believe music is the language of the soul. Whenever I hear a person’s voice, I get a picture of that person’s ‘musical signature.’ I then can create a unique composition to increase that person’s energy. Many of the tones that I ‘hear’ are not audible, but are qualities of that person’s soul. Edwin’s voice has several overtones that create a very high frequency, yet calming, signature. It’s unique, in my experience. His voice has the power to uplift my mood, no matter what state I’m in. I’ve seen him do this with others, as well. The music I composed for Energy Center Clearing was designed specifically to add to this natural quality of Edwin’s voice and help you enhance your natural healing power. My goal is to help you tap into your inner self through the magic of music.“ Reina Sang Composer & Performer of  Energy Center Clearing


Most Beneficial CD I’ve Ever Used for Releasing the Negative Stuff “It’s definitely the most beneficial CD that I’ve ever used when it comes down to guiding me through releasing the negative stuff that I’ve always wanted to release.   I just take things less seriously even after just three times using it. It made a big difference.” Steve, Programmer Seattle, WA


Deep, Powerful and Easy to Follow for Clearing, Energizing and Quieting “It was really, I think, a very powerful experience for me. I found myself really going deep into meditation. It was a very cleansing experience, very clearing. I really enjoyed it.   I work at the Unity Church. I’m part of the healing touch program so I’ve experienced various forms of meditation and very often guided meditations tend – I start listening to it. This I found easy to follow and easy to let go of anything else that was going on.   I could feel the energy moving through my body and it was a very good energy.   I think this is a very useful tool that I will be using in clearing, energizing and quieting all at the same time.   I think it can be used in various ways depending on where you are and what you need at that particular time. And I found it very, very useful and I really enjoyed it.” Barbara, Graphic Designer Ft. Worth, TX




Here’s How to Clear Your Energy Centers and


Attain the Peaceful Bliss of a Zen Master


Without having to join a Monastery!

      Energy Center Clearing is not a mental exercise. It’s better, because it works outside of the conscious mind and directly with high-vibrational energies and your highest being to release blocks and obstacles. In this special, revitalizing meditation, you will:

      • Bathe your physical and energy bodies with a powerful cleansing energy flushing your bodies of toxic energies …


  • Transmute negative energies into pure love, effectively disposing of these poisons …
  • Clear out blockages in your energy centers providing you with access to the energetic gifts these centers offer and opening your inner senses …
  • Open your heart to receive and transmit absolute, unconditional, infinite, divine love …
  • Release fear and buried anger, two of the most debilitating energies on earth …
  • Rejuvenate your body, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually …
  • Fill yourself with absolute, unconditional, infinite, divine love, to attract even more love and good things into your life.

  You will benefit from the same uplifting, cosmic energies that are available to devoted mystics. Even if you’re not especially sensitive to subtle energies, you will get to experience the profound peace that mystics enjoy – whether you’re a long-term meditator or just starting out.     A Reiki Master’s Secret Weapon       David Tourin is a Reiki Master with experience in dozens of healing modalities, including quantum healing, bioenergetics, magnified healing and kahuna.       A week after he received an early version of the Energy Center Clearing CD, David said:    

Works Better than Anything Else for Cleansing, Clarity and Relaxation   It just works better than anything else I’ve ever worked with. It’s really high power healing. I’ve been working with energy for 7 years now, 8 years. I felt the high powered energies that came through, literally cleaning out and raising the vibration at the same time.   It’s a very, very useful tool for cleansing and for clarity and, most of all, for relaxation.   I couldn’t believe how easy it was.   It really works. Matter of fact, I sometimes do it twice in one day. David Tourin, Bio-Energetic Healer & Reiki Master Pembroke Pines, FL

      Three months later, I called David to follow up and see whether he’d continued using Energy Center Clearing (which he had) and what the results had been for him. Here’s what he said during our phone conversation:      

From Bio-energetic Healer to Bio-energetic Master of my Energies How has Energy Center Clearing helped with your healing practice? I’m able to see more, I’m able to feel more and to know more. The more you clear out, the more your vibration goes up. In a few weeks, I felt more clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Is it compatible with your other healing tools? It can work with any other modality … bio-energetics … quantum healing … reiki … acupuncture. It’s even good for massage therapists. How often do you use it? Every morning before I go to work. And if I need it at night, then I will go in and clear it out. Who do you think would benefit from using Energy Center Clearing? It’s for anybody. A teacher, a worker, a parent. When you clear yourself out, you can be better at what you do. How have your clients benefited? They feel a lot more power coming out of my hands. They feel more heat. The more you clear, the more your hands get hotter, the more you can transmit more of the love, or the universal energy, which is reiki. How has Energy Center Clearing affected your life? I went from a bio-energetic healer to a bio-energetic master of my energies. Any last thoughts? The more you use it, the more centered you are, the more you are able to be a facilitator of energy. It’s good for anything – it’s good for life!   David Tourin, Bio-Energetic Healer & Reiki Master Pembroke Pines, FL

Click Here to Claim Your Copy Now!     Whether you’re also a reiki master, a healer or just want to be better at whatever you do, with Energy Center Clearing you have access to the same energies sought out by gifted healers.   Combination of Many Techniques       Energy Center Clearing uses a variety of techniques from many different schools of meditation and energy healing, revealed by mystic masters, advanced souls and cutting-edge energy healers.       The energies, which took years of study and practice in preparation for them to be transmitted, are available to you immediately.       Over time, as you follow the guidance on Energy Center Clearing, you will take your abilities to higher levels. You will:

      • Develop confidence working with energy …


  • Open up to receive inner guidance and direction …
  • Make all your meditations more effective …
  • Receive & radiate universal love to the universe …
  • Help others to release negativity …
  • Tap into your own divine healing talents …
  • Bring light and life to others …
  • Bring more of your true self into the physical world …
  • Prepare yourself for deeper meditations …
  • Positively affect others around you …
  • Develop a fulfilling and love-filled life …
  • Obtain answers to your most personal questions …
  • Be of service to humanity …
  • Stay in the now …
  • Open your inner senses …
  • Experience profound joy.

  Immediate Results in Less than 27 Minutes …       More than chakra clearing and balancing, Energy Center Clearing actually focuses on the physical glands and organs that animate your life. Each of your glands and organs has a higher level energetic function, as well as a physical function.       By clearing them out on the energetic level, over time, you will be able to avoid potential problems, like back pain or insomnia, before they manifest physically!       Faster than many of the better known systems, Energy Center Clearing requires no long training sessions. You will see and feel results in less than 27 minutes, which you can easily fit into your busy schedule.       Energy Center Clearing is far more affordable than some brain synchronization recordings. And while I’m a big fan of technology, I prefer to use natural methods to induce deep states of meditation, with the ultimate goal of attuning with God.    

A God-send to Me and My Clients …       “I have tried many CDs and products that claim to clean my energy or enhance my ascension process. I have found most of them to be entirely ineffective. The Energy Center Clearing CD has been a wonderful exception. I can feel the energy the second I start the CD! As my energy clears, I can see deeper into my client’s energy fields and facilitate powerful healing for them. The clearing procedure combined with Edwin’s high-level energy cleans the entire being deeply and completely. Definitely a tool for health and ascension. I highly recommend it to anyone who desires to stay healthy and sane as ! we approach 2012. In these energetic challenging times, it has been a God-send to me and my clients. Thank you, Edwin!” Breianne Pryse   Long Beach, CA

      Easy to Use …       Energy Center Clearing is easy to use – just follow my voice. The steps are straightforward and I’ll guide you using familiar English terms.       When your Energy Center Clearing package arrives in the mail, flip through the visual aids to familiarize yourself with them. Then, just slip the CD into your player. You will be guided to engage your mind by using visualization – so your mind will not wander.       Get into a comfortable position and let me take you on an inward journey to your innermost self. With your conscious mind occupied, you are free to connect with your inner master.    

It’s Easier to Use Ed’s CD than it is to Go Through Some of My Own Meditation Exercises       “Ed has created a meditation experience utilizing some rather advanced spiritual technologies. … This is a CD I’ll be using quite often myself. In some respects, it’s easier to use Ed’s CD than it is to go through some of my own meditation exercises.” Alan Tutt, Publisher and Bestselling Author Choose To Believe: A Practical Guide to Living Your Dreams


Energy Center Clearing Study Aids

      When you open up your Energy Center Clearing package, you will discover a guidebook containing several colorful study aids: an illustration that identifies and locates your energy centers; a reference chart that describes each energy center, the corresponding gland, physical function, energy center function and associated chakra; and several aids to help you with your visualizations.       If you have a specific issue that you’d like to address, just look it up on the reference chart and focus more attention on that particular energy center. If you choose, you can also devote more time to clearing it after the meditation is over, using the techniques you will quickly master in Energy Center Clearing.       A Gift You Give to Yourself …       Practice a few times over the course of several days, and then try it on your own. Treat yourself to a session every week to obtain the benefits of the high-vibrational energies infused into Energy Center Clearing. During the week you can conduct a quick clearing prior to your regular meditation.    

Like Going Away for a Healing Retreat in the Comfort of My Own Home!       “I felt balls of energy entering and exploding in each of my energy centers, clearing out the dense negative energy. As a result, I felt impressed to use it daily for 30 days as a spiritual tonic for my soul. It was like going away for a healing retreat in the comfort of my own home!” Pastor David Boger The Project: A Center for Exploring Spirituality Ft. Worth, TX

        The more you do it, the better you’ll get and the more you’ll want to do it. Just like exercise – you hesitate to start, but once you get in the habit and start getting fit, you’re driven to keep exercising to maintain the benefits and get even more fit! Only in this case, it’s not just your body that’s benefiting, but your entire being. Once you start, you will have embarked on a one-way trip to connecting with your divine self.       … and a Gift You Will Give to Others       When you are peaceful, centered and balanced, with your energy centers clear and your energy replenished, you will radiate your energy to the world, influencing it in a positive way.       Can you envision how this would help you to lead the life you want to live? What would you do with your newfound clarity and balance? Would you use your awakened spiritual gifts to inspire others?      

Energy Center Clearing Can Change Your Life!

      Reward yourself with cosmic energies that let you effortlessly tap into a level of consciousness that inspires and empowers you. Allow yourself to release negative energies and emotions that are blocking you from attaining your true spiritual potential.       Can you imagine how that would help you to improve your life, develop your spiritual gifts and give you the strength to make the world a better place?        Included in the Energy Center Clearing package are:  

Energy Center Clearing, Guidebook, The 12 Energy Centers Illustrated, Energy Center Clearing Chart, Study Aids and Quick Start Guide, plus the Exercise to Release Limiting Beliefs!

    Energy Center Clearing


      • Energy Center Clearing Enhanced to infuse you with uplifting energies, flush away negative energies and emotions, and prepare you to connect with your innermost self …


  • Energy Center Clearing Guidebook containing detailed instructions and
  • The 12 Energy Centers Illustrated to help you to identify and locate your energy centers …
  • Energy Center Clearing Chart that describes each of your energy centers, the corresponding gland, its physical  and energy center function and associated chakra …
  • Energy Center Clearing Study Aids, include high resolution images to assist in your visualizations and an
  • Energy Center Clearing Quick Start Guide.

  Combined, these components promise to take your meditations and your life to deeper levels.       Because Energy Center Clearing is proven to produce similar results as going for a series of sessions with a reiki master, energy healer, qigong master or advanced yogi (as you can see and hear in the testimonials to the right), I could easily charge over $200 for it. But since my duplication costs aren’t anywhere near that, and because I want to help as many people as I possibly can, it’s available to you at just $39.95 $19.97.      

Build on Your Success with the Exercise to Release Limiting Beliefs

      A newly, re-mastered version of the Exercise to Release Limiting Beliefs is now included with Energy Center Clearing, so you can immediately take advantage of your “state of being” after Energy Center Clearing to go even deeper and connect with your innermost self.       In a manner consistent with ancient mystical techniques, you will be guided to create your own personal sanctuary on a higher plane to allow you to attune with God. The Exercise to Release Limiting Beliefs encourages you to release any limiting beliefs you might have.       Have you ever doubted that you are worthy of peace, love, joy and abundance? Use the Exercise to Release Limiting Beliefs to help you release any limiting beliefs that block you, so you can receive all the gifts and abundance the universe has to offer. As a blessed child of the universe, you deserve it all!

    The Exercise to Release Limiting Beliefs also provides you with an opportunity to receive guidance and direction from your inner master. You will feel refreshed, rejuvenated and infused with energy. This simple, yet profound, exercise is only 16 minutes in length, but can provide lifetime benefits.

  Order Energy Center Clearing today, and I’ll reward your prompt decision with five more bonus gifts valued at $108 …       Free Bonus 1: Right now, you’ll be able to download The Future is Now, a short eBook that illustrates the malleability of time and the power we all have to affect the future in very dramatic ways. Discover how an energy healer helps change the course of history, simply by ordering, and get this mind-expanding eBook for free. ($12 value)       Free Bonus 2: Right now, you will be able to download Mystic Secrets Revealed, a short eBook that covers: manifesting your ideal life, overcoming limiting beliefs, changing your experience of reality, your best source of guidance, receiving divine inspiration and more, to help you awaken your heart, expand your mind and improve your life. ($17 value)       Free Bonus 3: Right now, you’ll be able to download More Mystic Secrets Revealed. Building upon the principles of Mystic Secrets Revealed, More Mystic Secrets Revealed covers: the nature of the ego, capitalizing on synchronicities, transcending the mind, avoiding dogma and 7 powerful words of wisdom that will further propel you towards spiritual mastery. ($17 value)       Free Bonus 4: Right now, you’ll be able to download the Mystic Warrior Resource Guide, a concise guide to some of my favorite and most valued books, which should be a part of everyone’s library. ($12 value)     Free Bonus 5 – Limited Time Availability: If you pick up a copy of ECC using the link below, I will also include a Personal Energy Center Clearing session, one-on-one with me (via telephone), to jump start your journey to your true self. Because of the mystic teachers I’ve had, I can send energy to people across any distance. ($50 value)    

Like Being Reborn …       “I contacted Ed about redeeming my certificate for a personal energy center clearing experience by phone. As Ed channeled the energy and directed it, I felt fear and hate leaving my heart, sort of like being reborn.” Pastor David Boger The Project: A Center for Exploring Spirituality Ft. Worth, TX

    Putting the magic of Energy Center Clearing   to work in your life is easy.       With Energy Center Clearing, you can re-experience your light, free and energized state as often as you’d like, as you prepare for contact with your innermost self. With the Exercise to Release Limiting Beliefs you will have the opportunity to attune with your inner master.        To get started, just click on the link below to claim your copy of Energy Center Clearing for only $39.95 $19.97. Your order will be processed by the 100% secure PayPal system. Once you’ve claimed your copy, you’ll be instructed on how to download The Future is Now, Mystic Secrets Revealed , More Mystic Secrets Revealed, The Mystic Warrior Resource Guide , and, for a limited time, your Personal Energy Center Clearing Certificate, right now!       Click Here to Claim Your Copy Now!       Thousands of devoted mystics have benefited from this powerful material in secret societies for centuries. With modern advances in technology that make it possible to infuse these energies into a music recording, it’s now available to you.       Wouldn’t you really like to start living the life you’ve always dreamed of? You can, simply by listening and following the sound of my voice. For only $39.95 $19.97, you can’t go wrong.       I promise that Energy Center Clearing will deliver the profound changes in your meditations and your life that you’ve always known are possible.       Yours for a better, more spiritually fulfilled life,   E.H. Spina signature   Edwin Harkness Spina       P.S. In these turbulent times, it’s more important than ever to be calm, stress-free and energized so you can maximize your own potential. Peace, balance, clarity and healing are at your fingertips – as your fellow meditators on the right have confirmed – just click here and get started today.  

A Gift from the Higher Realms …       “Having spent 30 years in the Holistic Healing Field, and being married to a Filipina Psychic Surgeon of great renown, I AM Deeply Impressed with the Energy System you have developed. Your energy burst in 10 minutes with me on the phone was a test you passed with flying colors. I was talking about the energy I felt and the value of it for weeks. Moira and I use this program every morning to clear energies and charge ourselves up. I consider this program you have developed Ed, as a gift from the higher realms.” Dr. Raja Merk Dove, N.D. StarDoves

      Click Here to Claim Your Copy Now!         You may also email, mail or call in your orders:       Higher Dimensions Publishing, Inc.   2555 Rim Drive   Spring Hill, FL 34609   1-954-415-3490   orders(at)energycenterclearing.com   [Replace (at) with @]     Copyright © 2008-2010 by Edwin Harkness Spina. All Rights Reserved.



Like Going to Heaven “My experience was like I was in a dream, like going to heaven. I didn’t want anybody to wake me up because I felt so good that I wanted to stay there. All my body felt good. And I could feel my heart stretching. It was very good.” Iris, Accountant Caracas, Venezuela



Totally Amazed at the Deep Spiritual Reaction “During the meditation, I started to cry and it wasn’t like those big weepy tears but those ones that come up from your soul, those soul cleansing ones. And I was totally amazed, because I never had that reaction before.   And by the end of the meditation, a lot of gratitude was in my heart. And it was very, deep, deep, deep gratitude, so thank you very much.   I’ve done the meditations in the past, whatever, I just always thought it was going to be a cerebral thing, and this is my first time having a physical reaction and a very deep, deep spiritual one, in that respect, cause those tears were not the tears that come from weeping … they came from the soul.” Greer, Marketing Professional Elizabeth City, NC



Gives me Energy “Hi my name is Soleste. I’m six years old. I like hearing Edwin’s meditation CD. It gives me energy and it makes me feel really, really good.   Soleste, 6-year old Girl



Fixed my Back “Ed’s CD is pure magic. I went to an energy healer and he fixed my niggling back for three weeks, but I played Ed’s CD every day for 10 days and it fixed it for months. It came back last month, my niggling back, so I popped Ed’s CD on and, presto, the niggling ceased.   It’s also great for shifting your mood to a more positive one.   It’s the best meditation CD that I’ve got and I’ve got lots of them.” Jennifer, Mother Hong Kong



Great Benefit of Relaxation “I am a service manager for an electrical heating and cooling contractor. I would say that I derived a great benefit of relaxation from it.   The substance of your CD is very good, it’s right on. I like the fact that it leans towards the western aspects of what the chakras are about, without excluding the eastern aspects. I like that, I like that a lot.” Jim, Service Manager Wayne, PA



Negativity Out, Freedom & Lightness In “I just felt this freedom in my body and I felt this rush of negativity flowing out, literally, and just a lightness and a sense of refreshment that was really wonderful.   I’ve done a lot of different types of meditations, a lot of breathwork and yoga and things like that, a lot of contemplative practice, so to speak. This was different. It was a little more direct using the western terms for the chakras. It gave me much more body awareness. It was really powerful for me.” Leslie, Engineer, Artist, Yogini, Dearborn, MI



Getting Sleep I Haven’t Had for Years “I work as a pilot and that in itself can be somewhat stressful, from time to time. There’s lots of work to do outside your normal office or flying time, and because of that I’ve had problems sleeping for a few years now and relaxing properly. And having listened to your CD, and gone ahead with the various techniques for relaxation, I’ve found that it’s improved my quality of rest completely and I’ve been able to relax. I’m getting sleep now that I haven’t had for years. It’s making me feel a whole lot better.” Jim Ashby Commercial Pilot Hong Kong



Kept me Focused, Things were Manifesting Faster “The past two weeks have been pretty stressful at work. Being able to come home and be able to just let go of the negativity that’s there, and all the build up and the anger. And just let it flow out was really beautiful.   I think it kept me more focused during the week and it kept me out of being more negative. I was able to deal with things easier and just let go of things. And I was able also to surrender more to the universe, and things were manifesting faster.   The past two weeks a lot of good things were happening and I would attribute it to the meditation, because that’s the only thing I’ve really changed in the past two weeks.   It was really a very positive experience. I got a lot out of it.”   Barbara, Commercial Lender, Hauppauge, NY



Profound Peace and Accessed a New Level of Emotional Intimacy – Effortlessly! “Over the past year, I’ve been facing severe financial pressures: I’ve been going through a divorce; my stomach’s been in knots; and it’s been almost impossible to concentrate. After receiving Energy Center Clearing from Ed Spina: my body relaxed; I felt like I could breathe; and I found a really profound sense of peace and calmness that I hadn’t felt in years. I knew, kind of, what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t really see the path to get there, and then all of a sudden it just sort of crystallized, and I’ve been taking those steps. I found an investor to talk to, I’m creating partnerships, and I just have the confidence that I didn’t have before. And one of the other major, major things for me is that it really helped me with my relationship. There’s a level of emotional intimacy and connectedness that I really wanted to achieve and access, but I just couldn’t seem to get there. And all of a sudden, after we did the clearing, it just sort of appeared – effortlessly. To me that’s a really amazing gift. I’m very, very grateful for it.” Kirrily, Small Business Owner, Marina Del Rey, CA



Works Exactly on What’s Needed “I would say it’s a relaxing experience and it works, for me, exactly on the systems in the body that are in need of support and healing.” Erna, Nature Photographer Eugene, OR



Precise and Clear … Very Powerful This CD is very different from all the others I’ve heard.  Its specificity with regard to vital organs, their effect on the physical and the spiritual bodies, and how to cleanse them is very powerful. Your voice is soothing and instructions are precise and clear. I sincerely hope it reaches many people during these difficult times, when we need to remain centered, and not fall prey to fear and hopelessness.”     Maria Eugenia Gallon   Miami, FL



The Missing Link “My thanks and gratitude for showing the missing link that most practicing mystics overlook. Usually, I used only the traditional seven chakras while meditating. I took for granted the other important energy centers and I did not use the grounding energy and other tools you include. Energy Center Clearing is complete. A priceless gift!” Constantino Bristol Jacksonville, FL


Stopped Smoking I stopped smoking (after a lifetime of smoking), and when I started I really had no intention of quitting. By the way, that’s NOT a complaint! I’m much more at peace with myself and those closest to me. The relationship I have with my husband has improved 100%. My health has improved significantly. Even the dog seems happier with me!” Harriet Forrester Etowah, NC


Lost 17 Pounds “After 10 (or more) years of yo-yo dieting, a change occurred after I subscribed to and used the Energy Center Clearing. Not only have I lost 17 pounds since 12/29/08, but there are NO CRAVINGS, AND NO BINGE EATING. Temptations are non-existent, and I know why. The Energy Center Clearing put me in balance, and when you are in balance, all the rest falls into place. My physical energy is the best it has EVER been. I am now playing the Energy Center Clearing CD regularly, and each day is better than the last. And, oh, yes, I have always led a sedentary life, but now enjoy activities … at age 75! All thanks to Ed Spina!” Dorothy J. Dunn Deerfield Beach, FL


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Never Before Experienced such Clean Energy

“I listen to your Energy Center Clearing CD every other day and it’s working! When medical intuitive and energy healer Cynthia Segal saw me, she wrote, ‘I must mention again, how clean your energy was! I have not experienced a person with that type of energy before – even my Saint/client was not as clean as you! You go girlfriend, your routine is GREATLY benefiting you!'” Susan Dvorak Ft. Lauderdale, FL





Delivers 100% on All Promises! “Ed Spina’s Energy Center Clearing arrived in the post during what had to be one of the most stressful times in my life. I had barely recovered from an accident myself, when one of my dogs collapsed. … I decided that, despite everything, I would test Ed’s program. I immediately felt the shift in energy, right through my body. The effect was nothing short of awesome! Not only did I stay calm and able to deal with all the quick decisions which I had to make at the time but actually managed to sleep. In fact, I found that my sleep time increased a little (I wasn’t really sleeping quite enough) plus if roused during the night, I am now able to go right back into a deep sleep, instead of pacing the floor for the rest of the night. The energy feeling was rather like having a lovely bath with beautiful oils, I felt a warm tingly feeling right through my body. My entire being felt lighter, freer and almost as if I were floating. A bonus was Ed’s 10-minute clearing over the phone. Again, AWESOME! I could literally feel the energy moving through each energy center. The feeling is almost impossible to describe but the word ‘reborn’ springs to mind. I have tested and reviewed many meditation programs and meditate regularly. I could rave forever about this program but will close by saying Ed Spina’s Energy Center Clearing CD program delivers 100% on his promises! Mary K Gill   Holistic Healer & Reiki Master Adelaide, Australia


Truly Does Make a Difference “I am incredibly impressed with the CD. When I take the time to do it — and that is the key — I feel so connected and blissed out. It truly does make a difference that you can feel. So, thank you.”  Rebecca Whitecotton Award-winning author of Child of Mine, Know This Burke, VA





The Feeling of Peace and Love is Enormous “Oh my God! It is so amazing the way I am feeling now. I cannot explain it, the feeling of peace and love is enormous. May God and all the beautiful energies radiate upon you in every minute that you are in this realm with us!”   The next day she wrote: “This morning at the office, I was ‘glowing’ and I still have this sensation of love and peace. I can’t wait to go home and clean my centers again.” Marlene Serrano Brooklyn, NY