Merging With Your Higher Self Workshop

Merging With Your Higher Self Workshop

Merging With Your Higher SelfThe awareness of your Higher Self, as the Higher Aspect of who we truly are, beyond our personality self, has been known throughout the ages. Many saints and sages have spent lifetimes using meditation, yoga, prayer and seclusion to accomplish this. We are in an age where more and more people are naturally awakening spiritually. Humanity is ready for an evolutionary quantum leap.

Edwin Harkness Spina will describe what has transpired to make it easier than ever before to connect, integrate and, ultimately, merge with your Higher Self. He will describe how activities on the higher planes are contributing to the upliftment of humanity and how you can take advantage of this to connect and fully integrate your Higher Self.

In this experiential IONS workshop, you will release emotional and mental debris, while infusing yourself with divine, higher vibrational energies. As you connect with the source of all love and wisdom, you will feel light, free and energized. As you become aware of the gentle, peaceful and solid presence of your Higher Self, you will feel bliss, acceptance of what is, and joyfully radiate your true Self to the Universe!

Edwin Harkness Spina is an award-winning author, speaker and mystic. He is the author of Mystic Warrior and Mystic Secrets Revealed, and the developer of Energy Center Clearing, and, with Monika Summerfield, Merging With Your Higher Self. He specializes in connecting people to their Higher Selves, leading to greater intuition, clarity and joy.

Prior to becoming a master healer, Ed began his career in the software, venture capital and startup company arenas. Stressed out from his entrepreneurial ventures, Ed rented a video that prompted him to recall a past life in substantial detail. Thus began his 20+ year study of all things spiritual. Along the way, he attracted spiritual masters who mentored him and raised his energy to new levels. Ed shares the energy and insights of his own Higher Self with audiences around the world.